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Free weight loss recipes to eat a healthy - but tasty - diet.

You like to eat? We do, too!

Who said you have to eat bland and tasteless food, just because you're on a low fat diet? You won't be able to eat those low fat recipes for a long time, at least we don't.

We were sick and tired of eating those foods after a short time and decided to create yummy, yet healthy and low fat meals.

Delicious and Easy to Make Low Fat Recipes

Our great recipes give you always the right choices for your weight loss program.

A healthy and low fat nutrition is a change for life, not something you do for a week or two and then binge back to you old unhealthy junk food. Therefore it's even more important to find lots of recipes that you love and look forward to eating, this makes it so much easier to stick to your new healthy lifestyle and reach or maintain that slim you!

We are delighted to share with you our collection of delicious low fat recipes and healthy eating articles and reviews.

With that in mind... Scroll our website to find the best meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do those cravings in between meals sabotage your weight loss success? Fear no more, our low fat snacks come to your rescue. From now on you can keep snacking with joy, but without guilt!

You can't live without dessert? Well, our great low fat dessert recipes make your life so much more joyful. Again, eat without feeling any guilt.

Did I already, we love to eat? Yet, we're very careful not to put on extra pounds or kilos. You can do the same: make it a habit to cook our free and easy low fat recipes and you won't even notice you're on a weight loss program.








Chicken Dishes

Meat Dishes


Vegetarian Meals




Regional Dishes

... and much more!

For your convenience each low fat recipe comes with a summary of its nutritional values, including the amount of fat, kilojoules, calories (which should actually be named "kilocalories"), and Weight Watcher's Points (the old ones, except where explicitly mentioned otherwise).<

Our recipes come from many different sources, which we acknowledge when known. Other recipes we have experimented and made adaptations of fat-saturated (normal?) recipes, with key ingredients substituted to lower the fat content of a meal.

We also include articles about weight loss, dieting, healthy eating, as well as reviews of products related to these topics.

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I guarantee these recipes will get you hooked! [and if you behave... may be you'll lose some weight too! At the very least, you'll be eating delicious and healthy food! ;-) ]. Learn and enjoy!

Bon Apetite!

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