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The Skinny Jeff's Digest, Issue #007
October 14, 2005

The Skinny Jeff's Digest
Friendly Healthy Eating Information

14th October 2005

Issue #7 ======> October Issue! <======

In this issue of The Skinny Jeff's Digest:

The 2 D's You Don Need To Lose Weight?

Hint: The 2 D's are Diet and self-Denial!

Table of Contents

1. What's Cooking?
2. Article: The 2 D's You Don Need To Lose Weight?
3. Top Low Fat Recipes In September-October.
4. Food for Thought.

1. What's Cooking?


So much has happened between the second half of September and now.

As I told you in the last issue of my ezine, I was in the middle of a Trade Mark dispute. Being a lawyer myself, I decided to do legal research on the topic, and came to the conclusion that I have an arguable case to keep my original pen name "Jeff, The Skinny Chef".

I have also consulted other colleagues, and they tend to agree with me.

However... I want to focus my energy on bringing more recipes and weight loss articles to you, instead of spending time and effort on extraterritorial litigation. So, I decided to move on. I had to look for another pen name.

One of my kids suggested "El Chefo", which I seriously considered (as I am from a Hispanic background, and it would suit me). In the meantime, I felt like I had been robbed of my "persona" (in the artistic sense). It was really strange.

I continued brainstorming possible names, and finally came up with the name I have adopted: Skinny Jeff. ;-)

It was there all along. It is simple, and it conveys the message I want.

You'll be glad to know that I've done my due diligence, and there will not be challenges to my new pen name. Heck! Should anyone dare, I'll defend it.

I had to change my blog's address to include my new pen name: (which you can also access by typing

And a new name also brought the desire to add a bit of color to my site. I just wanted a change in the look and feel of my site, to make it more appealing to your eyes. Check it out:

And on top of that, my wonderful business host has just made it easier for me to upload my RSS feeds, and I am in the process of transferring all of my subscribers to the new RSS/XML facilities.

And the funny thing is that, after being without an identity for about a month, I feel more energised (Australian spelling) and have been including more new delicious low fat recipes for you. It's just what I do, huh?

I do hope you subscribe to my new RSS service (by clicking on the buttons at the left top side of the navigation bar in my site), and that you enjoy the changes.

They say a change is as good as a holiday. We'll see how I feel at the end of the month.

Yours in Health,

Skinny Jeff

2. Articles and Links

The 2 D's You Don Need To Lose Weight?

Diet and Self-Denial are often regarded as the only things that may help you succeed in losing weight.

On the one hand, a diet is a food regime often limiting a type (or types) of food, so that your body starts burning fat by depriving it of fat, sugar, solids, carbs, or whatever other type of food intake.

On the other hand, "self-denial" translates into "will power": The power to deny yourself from eating stuff you normally eat, just for the purpose of losing weight.

The 2 D's combination is not only ineffective, but it backfires making you eventually give up and gain back whatever kilos you managed to lose in the first place.

How many diets have come and gone in our lives, but the weight sticks to our bodies like flies on spilled honey.

How many times you rely on your will power to refrain from eating the naughty stuff, just to be pulled towards the very same type of food you're "trying" to avoid in the first place?

And even if you are disciplined (another "D"?) and make progress... Heck! Even if you reach your weight goal... Eventually, will power and discipline die out a slow and painful death...

It sounds dramatic... doesn't it? Well, if you fast forward it, of course it can even sound funny. But when you go through the torment of self-denial, it is not very funny at all. Been there, done that... survived it!

Do we need to "diet"? Do you need will power in the form of self-denial?

You'll be surprised to know that you don't need to.

Yes, that's right. You read that correctly: You don't need diet and self-denial.

To understand this, you need to shift your mind away from the "weight loss" goal.

Your goal should be "healthy living", including "healthy eating".

Weight loss is only a short-term goal to measure your progress and keep you going. Weight loss should also be a goal for immediate effects on your health.

But weight loss should never be the main and only objective. Your objective should be to change your life style: change your eating habits, learn about the way your body processes energy reserves, exercise smartly and regularly.

And, as you may realise from the type of recipes I include in my site, healthy eating does not mean eating food that taste like chewed paper or grass. Once you know where to find good recipes, eating healthy should not be difficult at all.

And exercise does not have to be the "bootcamp" style either. I have seen lots of people getting all fired up, joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer, hiring exercise equipment, and killing themselves with exhausting exercise, just to see them abandoning everything 4 to 6 months later.

Rather than doing what everyone else is doing... unsuccessfully, you are better off taking up something easy like walking. As long as you do it regularly, your body will continue increasing your metabolism, burning fat, and even making you feel happy.

Gradually, you can start other activities you may enjoy: eg. martial arts, or cycling, or climbing, or whatever else you fancy. The point is, don't jump into the deep ocean from the word go.

The path I recommend (subject to your own medical advice) is the path of healthy moderation: the middle way if you wish. By following a healthy food regime, you'll get the benefit of weight loss, and will be able to keep it down for longer periods without deprivation or sacrifice.

4. Recipes of the Month

Low Fat Muffins
Low Fat Baking Recipes
Pea and Potato Soup/A>
Low Steak and Onions Soup
Miso Soup
Poached Fish
Low Fat Smoothies
Snow Pea Stir Fry
Sloppy Joe's (Low Fat, of course)
Italian Nachos!

5. Food For Thought

Kids and Nutrition: Why Should We Care?

Kids are the current victims of unhealthy eating. They are the next fat generation already strolling our streets.

I hate to say this, but our kids' obesity problems are mainly caused (or allowed) by parents. It is just too convenient to go to your closest fast food outlet and feed them with whatever rubbish they want.

And it is only till their kids become "larger than the average kid at school" (and that's large!) that parents start looking for quick ways to make their kids lose weight. Heck! They even consider surgery as an option!

We need to develop an awareness of the serious consequences that feeding our kids with fast food will have on them early in their lives. Heart problems, diabetis, and other digestive ailments, and even strokes can be prevented with a change of eating habits.

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