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A Gift For Skinny Jeff's Subscribers
December 04, 2005

The Skinny Jeff's Digest
Friendly Healthy Eating Information

4th December 2005

Issue #9 ======> December Issue! <======

In this issue of The Skinny Jeff's Digest:

A Pre-Xmas present for the Skinny Jeff's Digest Subscribers.

Hint: The 2 D's are Diet and self-Denial!

Table of Contents

1. What's Cooking?
2. Your Xmas Pressy
3. Food for Thought.

1. What's Cooking?


Delicious Low Fat Recipes is coming of age this month! Yup! I started this website on 29th December 2004, and have been sharing my favourite low fat recipes with all of you(s) ever since.

The task has been quite enjoyable, and I have received great comments from many visitors around the world. That has been very rewarding, and it has guided me to add the type of recipes visitors ask for.

A few months ago I added a section on low fat muffin recipes, and ever since, that section has become one of the most popular recipe sections in the site, followed by the low fat dinner and breakfast recipes.

Well, the end of the year is just 'round the corner. And with the new year, new changes are coming to Delicious Low Fat Recipes...

Delicious Low Fat Recipes has been a baby of love. :-) I have dedicated long hours to this site because I love the idea of making this world a lighter place to live in by eating well, and eating delicious foods. And that is why it is very difficult for me to write this issue of The Skinny Jeff's Digest....

You see, apart from my passion about low fat recipes, I also like many other things in life, and I am dedicating a bit of time to such other passions. And whilst I keep adding low fat recipes to the site, I believe that the site has more potential for growth to benefit its visitors even more....

But that requires more time.

So, to be fair to my site and visitors, I decided to transfer my site to another person, who is worthy of taking over Delicious Low Fat Recipes. She can dedicate more time and creativity to it: Marion, from is the new owner and manager of Delicious Low Fat Recipes from Monday 5th December onwards.

Check out her strawberry recipes website, and you'll see that I leave my site on very capable and enthusiastic hands. Just look at her sight! (I really love her site: it is well designed, full of information, full of strawberries, and a great place to visit!).

I anticipate that there will be a bit of a transitional period whilst Marion finds her way around, but you ought to be confident that she'll take Delicious Low Fat Recipes to the next level for you. So, I would like to ask you for a big favour: Support Marion by visiting Delicious Low Fat Recipes regularly.

Is this "good bye for ever" from me? Well, not really.

I still get to keep my blog, and I will keep posting recipes and articles, but not as frequently as before. If you wish to contact me, you can always leave a comment in my blog (due to spam, I do not include an email address). Drop me a line, come 'round, keep in touch.

I really want to thank you for your ongoing support, and hope that you achieve your goals, and stay focused on that mission: lose weight by eating healthy (and delicious) food.

As a way of thanking you for your support, I have an early Xmas present for you. Keep reading. You'll find a link to a download page for you to download the present for you.

I want to wish you a merry Xmas and a fantastic (and "Funtastic!") new year.

Your friend,

Skinny Jeff.

3. Food For Thought

It is not what you eat on Thanks Giving Day, your job's Xmas do, Xmas lunch and dinner, and New Year's indulgences what makes you put on weight. It's what you eat in between such dates that make you put on weight.

Lots of people complaint that the silly season inevitably make them put on weight. And since the silly season is "inevitable", they believe that putting on weight is also inevitable.

That's not necessarily true.

If you only indulge on the actual dates, you may put on weight, yes. But if you indulge from Thanks Giving onwards, you'll put a lot of weight on.

The secret to minimize your weight gain during the festive season is to eat healthy low fat food during the days in between the important dates.

The purist will suggest that you look for alternative meals for Xmas and new year. You could do that, and even lose weight. That's up to you.

But for me, I rather indulge a little bit on the dates, and behave myself in between such dates: the middle path way is far more enjoyable. :-)

Have a merry Xmas, happy new year, and may you achieve your goals and dreams.

Keep in touch. I'll miss you all.

Yours in health...

Skinny Jeff

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