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The Skinny Chef's Digest, Issue #001 -- Exclusive interview: 5 ways to keep motivated
February 27, 2005

The Skinny Chef's Digest
Healthy Eating Friendly Information

February 26, 2005

Issue #1 ======> FIRST ISSUE! <======

THE MISSION... The Skinny Chef's Digest is the official fun-research publication for members of The Skinny Chef's Club. It delivers top low fat recipes and information about weight loss, healthy eating and related topics.

If you subscribed to "The Skinny Chef's Digest", you have automatically been added as a member of the Club.

You don't have to do anything as a Club Member, and you get exclusive access to weight loss and healthy eating information and resources.

One of the greatest pleasures I have from this Club is that it costs members NOTHING to join. It's 100% f*r*e*e!

Filled with timely tips, and articles, interviews, and product reviews, The Skinny Chef's Digest is designed to be your up-to-date healthy eating "knowledge feeder" that helps you wring the most out of your weight loss and/or healthy eating journey.

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Table of Contents

1. Opening Remarks

2. Delicious Low Fat Recipes!

* 5 delicious low fat frittata recipes for breakfast,brunch or dinner.

3. Articles

1) Interview: Janice Small Shares "5 Simple Secrets to Keep You Motivated" in your weight loss journey.

2) Review: Electric Grills: Miracle "Healthy Eating Equipment", or "Just a Plug In BBQ?"

Work in Progress at

Coming SOON...

1) Members Only Information Page (Password Protected).
2) Low Fat Cheesecake Recipes ;-) (YUM!)

Work Advancing...

1) Low Fat Baking Recipes
2) Low Fat Pasta Recipes

Next?...Tell the Skinny Chef what to do next.
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What topic would you like me to research for you?


Opening Remarks

Yes, it's up and running! The Skinny Chef's Club is now officially open with the launch of The Skinny Chef's Digest.

So, I thought it would be appropriate to include a brief (very brief) address in this issue... and I meant "Brief"!

I wish to thank you for subscribing to the ezine, or joining the Club.

From my personal experience, I know how important it is to have access to delicious low fat recipes, and weight loss information when one is trying to lose weight.

Once I was successful in losing weight without starving myself to boredom, I had this urge to share my findings with anyone who's interested.

I take pleasure in sharing my recipes and information with those of you who are committed to improve your life style in relation to your weight and eating habits.

I do hope that you find the recipes and information useful and entertaining.

Yours in health,

"The Skinny Chef"

5 delicious low fat frittata recipes for breakfast,brunch or dinner.

What is a frittata?

A "frittata" is the Italian equivalent of an omelette. Normally, frittata recipes yields from 4 to 6 servings and, depending on the ingredients you use, your meal will have low fat content and maximum flavor.

You can have a frittata for just about any meal: breakfast, brunch (not quite breakfast, and not quite lunch), or dinner.

In smaller serving sizes, you can have frittatas as entrees or entertainment snacks.

The magic of frittata's flavour is in the ingredients. Typically, you can combine eggs with potatoes, peppers and onions, but you also use low fat cheese, and other ingredients to vary the taste and presentation of your meal.

The following links take you to 5 individual frittatas recipes I've included in my site.

Taste them. They are GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-ate!

Basic Low Fat Frittata

Low Fat Frittata with Red Pepper, Onion and Potato

Low Fat Mexican Frittata

Low Fat Frittata with Onions and Potatoes

Low Fat Frittata with Rice, Figs, and Parmesan Cheese


Interview: Janice Small Shares "5 Simple Secrets to Keep You Motivated" in your weight loss journey.

No diet or eating regine can succeed without "motivation". Without "motivation", any effort to lose weight is futile and short lived.

Read this interesting review where Janice Small discusses 5 easy-to-follow secrets to stay motivated in your weight loss journey

Click here to read Janice's informative interview (You need to be connected to the Internet)

Review: Electric Grills: Miracle "Healthy Eating Equipment", or "Just a Plug In BBQ?"

Are electric grills what they claim to be? Or are these kitchen appliances really something you should have to cook delicious low fat meals?

Click here to read the review (You need to be connected to the Internet to read it)

Food For Thought

If you butter your bread, think again: Just by avoiding butter in your bread, you are likely to lose 5 kg a year!

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