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The Skinny Chef's Digest, Issue #003
May 01, 2005

The Skinny Chef's Digest
Friendly Healthy Eating Information

May 1st, 2005

Issue #3 ======> May Issue! <======

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Table of Contents

1. What's Cooking!?

2. Weight Loss News

3. Recipes of the Month

4. Food For Thought

What's Cooking!?

Greetings once again!

If you are a new subscriber... Welcome to The Skinny Chef's Digest ("TSC Digest")!

April was a very busy month... and it went very quickly!

I have been updating some pages in my site, and adding a few bells and whistles. I have also added a few new low fat recipes.

In this issue I have included weight loss related articles for your information.

I think it's always good to keep your finger on the pulse when you are in pursuit of good health and a healthy weight.

From this issue onwards, I will continue adding links to articles of this sort. I hope you enjoy them.

Of particular interest in April, the US Government changed once again the well known food pyramid that we use to see on the Kellogg's Cornflakes boxes.

I have included a few related links for you, so that you can see the new pyramids by yourself

I hope you enjoy this issue of The Skinny Chef's Digest.

Yours in Health,

"The Skinny Chef"

Weight Loss News

Can Laughter Make You Slim?

If it does, I imagine you have to laugh an awful lot before you can see some significant reduction in your weist line!

But that is exactly what Katie Namrevo advocates in her book entitled Laugh It Off! Weight Loss for the Fun of It, where she explains that laughing between 30 seconds and 5 minutes a day 10 times a day keep her munchies away.

Her book comes not only with her recipe for losing weight through laughter, but also includes a "laughing" CD, to start you right away.

In my humble opinion, laughing may help you lose weight, but if you laugh and continue with fattening eating habits, it is unlikely that your weight will drop significantly (or at all). However, combined with a good food regime, it may even help you shed a few pounds/kilos!

April's Food Pyramids

You may have heard it already: The US Government has changed its iconic and longstanding nutritional pyramid... for another 12 nutritional pyramids! It's all about how many calories you consume and how many you burn out.

The pyramid's problem was that it assumed that it was only fat and calories that made you fat, and in reality there are many other things that make you fat (like carbohydrates), and some fats that your body actually eat.

With the new guidelines, the US Government also hopes to make previously ambiguous terms such a "serving sizes" and "calories" much clearer and applicable.

Their website is fun and interactive. There is a section where you submit your age, gender and amount of daily physical activity, and it tells you how much food from each main group you ought ot eat.

Cookie Monster Changes Eating Habits

Even Sesame Street's Celebrity, The Cookie Monster, has been affected by this major nutritional shift! Now, instead of having cookies "all the time", he has them "some times".

The rest of the day, he strives to eat the right thing (fruits, veggies and other good foods).

He still eats cookies there... but just sometimes. ;-) He keeps it real, I reckon!

The move comes after the Sesame Street folks decided that the most crusial age for a person to acquire good eating habits is in the pre-primary stage. And it is particularly in that stage that Mr Cookie Monster is most influential.

Losing Weight May Mean Weaker Bones Men Over 65

Reuters reports that a new study has concluded that men over the age of 65 who lose weight may also lose bone density and become prone to fractures.

According to Reuters, "The findings, which appear in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, are based on an analysis of data from the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men study. A total of 1342 men, at least 65 years of age, were followed for nearly 2 years to assess changes in weight and bone mineral density, a measure of bone strength."

Of course, the study does not disencourage men over 65 from losing weight. Obviously, losing weight attracts many other health benefits. However, the study points at the need to find out ways of preventing lose of weight density in the process.

Click here to check it out

Recipes of the Month

Banana and Pineapple Triffle: This is a moderate low fat banana recipe. It's only worth 3 WW points, and it serves 6. The low fat banana and pineapple trifle is very easy to prepare, and the ingredients are not difficult to get.

Click here to check it out

Low Fat Strawberry Cheesecake: Bordering into the sinful range, but still quite low in fat and sugar, these Strawberry Low Fat Cheescake Squares will make you very popular when inviting friends over, or even at work to share with your workmates (time allowing!).

Click here to check it out

Low Fat BBQ Chicken Kansas: I was looking for a low fat BBQ recipe other than your normal snaggers ("sausages") for our ANZAC day commemorations, and I came across this delicious American variation of our down under chicken BBQ.

Click here to check it out

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes: This low fat dinner recipe uses "buttermilk", which is a liquid left over after making butter. It now comes in low fat form. The good thing about buttermilk is that it makes your meals "buttery", but without the fat or calories of butter itself.

Click here to check it out

Apple and Oatmeal Cookie: These apple and oatmeal cookies are the right snack to have with a nice apple and cinnamon tea. Well... some people have a thing about coffee (and they're right), but that's one of the addictions I have not decided to abandon yet. (Yes! I confess! I like my apple and oatmeal cookies with coffee and skim milk!).

Click here to check it out

Roasted Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes: This recipe has proven very popular for dinner. It goes very well with a delicious steak or with roast turkey.

Click here to check it out

Tortilla and Smoked Turkey: And speaking of "turkey"... This is a very interesting low fat snack recipe. The tortilla is not a real one. I mean, a real tortilla is made from "maiz" (corn flour for "masa"), and not from wheat. So, you're not getting the real deal here. But it is delicious!

Click here to check it out

Baked Ricotta with Mandarin Sauce: You'll be happy to see that this weight watcher dessert recipe does not contain bananas at all! Yet, it is one of my favourite low fat dessert recipes.

Click here to check it out

Low Fat Split Pea Soup: This is a warming and harty low fat soup recipe that you can enjoy on a winter evening. However, if you use dry (uncooked) split peas, it may take you too long to cook. You don't want that when you return from work!

Click here to check it out

Low Fat Muesli Recipe: Why do you need a low fat muesli recipe? Easy! Commercial muesli tends to have added fat and sugar. You may not care much, but eliminating sugar and added fat, together with a bit of activity every day, may help you lose some weight. This muesli recipe fixes that.

Click here to check it out

Food For Thought

Taking Antibiotics? You'd Better Eat Yogurt!

Antibiotics kill decease-causing bacteria. However, they also kill the good guys in your body (the intestinal flora). One way of countering the indiscriminatory effects of antibiotics is by eating yogurt.

Karla Jones Seidita explains the benefits of eating yogurt, and even offers several yogurt-based recipes in her latest article.

The only drawback of her recipes is that they don't contain their nutritional values. However, you may still enjoy them (with moderation of course). Besides, her article contains very good information about the way yogurt helps your body.

Expert Advice On How To Train Your Kids To Eat Healthy

About 31% of kids in the USA suffer from some form of obesity, which may lead to more complex health problems during childhood and/or extending to adulthood, including diabetis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol (to name a few). Hence the importance of "training" our kids to adopt healthy eating habits.

I would have thought that the first step in teaching one's kids to eat healthy food would be by parents leading by example. But I have to admit that is a very simplistic statement.

Nanci Hellmich, from USA Today, interviewed 3 expert nutritionists to "spill the beans" (pardon the pun!) on ways to teach children about healthy eating. Click here to read the full article:

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