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The Skinny Chef's Digest, Issue #006
September 15, 2005

The Skinny Chef's Digest
Friendly Healthy Eating Information

15th September 2005

Issue #6 ======> August/September Issue! <======

In this issue of The Skinny Chef's Digest:

Losing Weight And The Power Of A Clear Vision.

Hint: Find out how your mind and a healthy diet work together to keep you trim... pain free.

Read the Article to find out...

Table of Contents

1. What's Cooking?
2. Article: Losing Weight And The Power Of A Clean Vision.
3. Top Low Fat Recipes In August and September.
4. Food for Thought.

1. What's Cooking?


I was concentrating my efforts to write about low carbs - low fat recipes, and uploading delicious low fat pizza recipes when I was surpriced to receive a letter of demand from the US, alleging that I have breached their Trademark (SkinnyChef).

I denied there is a breach... as there isn't. I have always used the name in good faith. But I can't tell you much more at the moment... I'll tell you later. ;-)

After that incident, I've been removing references to "The Skinny Chef" and "Jeff The Skinny Chef" from my site, and that has kept me busy.

... But not to worry! I've been posting a couple more low fat pizza recipes, and even a new low fat scone recipe (cheesey scones or bacon scones) for your enjoyment... and I'll continue to do so.

Mind you! Dinners seem to be the most popular type of food in my site... Several of my subscribers have requested certain types of recipes, and I'll oblige.... You know... things like low-sodium, low-carbs, etc. Just allow me to come through this Trademark issue, and you'll get your wishes. ;-)

By the way... thank you gals and guys for your kind messages of support for my site and my blog. It's nice to know you enjoy my site and recipes collection: my pleasure!

Yours in Health,

Jeff, The Skinny Chef

2. Article

Losing Weight And The Power Of A Clear Vision.

Once upon a time, I did a diet called "Scarsdale Diet". Through weeks of eating food I did not fancy (as only rabbits would like it), and working out like a slave in Egypt as depicted in The 10 Commandments, I lost 10 Kilos. It looked good... It felt good... whilst it lasted!

I kept the weight down maybe for 6 months. The personal events took place, and my old habits went back to "normal" (as "normal" then was), and I gained weight once again... and went even bigger. You know the plot: a yo-yo diet effect. :-)

Should I blame the diet? Well... Not really.

A diet is just a diet. It's a plan somebody deviced to help you lose weight, yes. But it does not necessarely change your way of thinking about food, health and nutrition. Even worse: By being restrictive, diets make you crave for fattening food (or too much of it)... And when you finally give in to the dark side of food, your body is ready to absorve it into your fat tissue almost as quickly.

The real problem was that I did not have what I call "clarity of vision".

Most folks think along the lines of "Hmmm... I'd like to lose weight. May be I should try a diet". They start it. It gets painful and, like a thread mill purchased at the end of Winter time, they abandon it as if it never happened. Too bad.

Then there are the ones who want to lose weight for an important occasion (like fitting into a wedding dress, for instance), and decide to restrict themselves to achieve this goal. They achieve it, fit the dress, pig out from then on, and put on extra pounds thereafter.

There are also falks who are diet-window-shoppers, trying a magazine-diet, or following the newest fad diet. They just want to lose weight but have no clear vision. Maybe they even nominate the amount they want to lose. That was my case with the Scarsdale diet.

And, of course, there are those who have a medical or physiological condition, who need medical advice to overcome their metabolic problems.

Finally in my list, there are those who know how much they want to weight, they know what they want to look like, find out how a proper and balanced nutrition works, and implement the plan... on an ongoing basis.

If you do not have medical problems, and have gained weight because the type and amount of food you normally consume, and have little or no exercise on a frequent basis, then the key to your success should be having a vision of yourself as you want to be.

Visualizing for success is not a new strategy, but it is a strategy that most folks do not follow.

Ask yourself: How much do you want to weigh? Why? What's going to happen if you don't weigh that much? How will that affect you and those around you? What would you look like if you weighed that much? How would you feel if you weighed that much? Visualise it. Live it. Experience it in your mind everyday.

At the same time, you have to find a way that suits your lifestyle to lose weight and keep moderate physical activity. Make your life consistent with that vision.

Keep that vision in mind every morning. Remind yourself again every night. Your vision will become reality if you're persistent.

It works.

4. Recipes of the Month

Greek Pizza
Chinese Beer Burgers
Low Fat Pizza Rustica
Low Fat Scone Recipe
Low fat Spanish Omelet (Ole!)
Mediterranean Lamb
Banana Cannelloni with Orange Sauce
Orange Creame Caramel
Breakfast Pizza
Passion Fruit Ricotta Cakes

5. Food For Thought

Pasta Makes You Happy.

How does that work? Under certain circumstances our brains produce a substance called serotonin, which makes us happy and relaxed. Serotonin levels increase particularly when tryptophan (an amino acid) gets to your brain.

And where do you get this amino acid from? Well, tryptophan is found in protein foods, but your brain receives largers amounts of it when you eat carbs.

You see. When you eat carbs, your insuline increases and keeps other amino acid away your brain, allowing tryptophan to reach your brain without other amino acids competing against it.

And if you eat complex carbohydrates which are low in fat, you've got a winner of a combination, as you keep your weight down, and boost your good mode.

Having said that... maybe you should try the Banana Canneloni recipe I've included in the top 10 for the month... and be very happy.

Have a great month... and keep visiting my blog and my site.

Yours in Health

Jeff, The Skinny Chef

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