Top 5 Reasons To Quit Your Diet

Top 5 Reasons To Quit Your Diet

Let’s get real here. There’s a reason why nobody likes to diet. There's a reason that 'diet' is referred to by many as a four letter word. So let's have some fun with this: Here are the top 5 reasons to quit your diet and lose weight anyway!

#5) Food that Tastes Like Cardboard

Sugar free chocolate, low carb ice cream, low fat cheese – YUCK. If you’ve ever tried any of this stuff, you’ll know how disappointing ‘diet’ food can be.

I’d rather not eat at all if I have to live on this stuff. And what’s with those portion sizes that look gigantic on the box but are the size of your thumb when you get them home? If I have to eat food that tastes like wax, at least give me more than 3 mouthfuls!

#4) Food that Costs You A Fortune

It’s bad enough that diet food tastes like cardboard – or wet cardboard if you go for the ice cream – but now you have to pay double the price for it too.

You could buy a 100 g Caramilk bar for $1.50 or splurge on a low carb 20 g chocolate bar for $3.00. The choice is obvious right?

And let’s not even talk about those diet programs that make you BUY their food. Weight loss is a costly business these days. How in the world did our ancestors cope before Atkins?

#3) Missing Out on the Kodak Moments

It’s the very opposite of a Norman Rockwell picture but sadly, it happens in homes across North America every night. The portrait of a family sitting around the table, laughing, eating, talking – and there, off to the side, is the dieting one. (It could be the mother, the father or even a child or two).

The dieting one sits with their miniscule diet dinner, head down, feeling deprived and pitiful, as everyone else feasts on steak, potatoes, corn on the cob, pizza or any other ‘normal’ food that has been banned by the dieting one’s program.

Ah, these are the memories that last a lifetime.

#2) More Guilt Than You Could Ever Imagine

“Are you allowed to have that many calories at one meal?”

“Potatoes are SOOOO bad for you, you know, high carb”

"You had EGGS with FRUIT? That's not properly combined!"

“Didn’t you have one cookie already? You’re having TWO? Are you allowed to have two?”

“What do you mean you’re having dessert? Aren’t you supposed to be on a diet?”

Diets have unleashed more guilt, shame and food legalism on our society than ANYTHING else in this world.

And I don't know about you - but guilt makes me want to eat. So give up your diet and get rid of that guilt eating for good!

#1) The Worst Success Rate In The History of Mankind

Ninety-five to 98% of dieters will lose that weight and keep it off. To put it another way, that’s a 2% success rate. What kind of success rate is that?

Or you could look at it another way: Diets have a 98% FAILURE rate.

For something that's touted as the ONLY way to lose weight - I think that's the worst success rate in the history of mankind.

Considering all of the above: The non-satisfying food, the exorbitant costs, the miserable social restrictions, and the phenomenal guilt - do you really think it’s worth it for something that boasts a 98% failure rate?

No thanks. Life is too short.

There are other, kinder ways to lose weight rather than dieting. For many people their journey towards permanent weight loss begins with letting go of dieting for good. Find better ways to lose weight and get on with living your life to the fullest!


Kathryn O'Neill is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and has a degree in Behavioral Psychology, and has written a book called Weight Loss Mastery. In her book, Kathryn explains how she overcame her own weight problem by studying the eating and thinking habits of those who are "naturally slim".

She calls them "Weight Masters", and she reckons that:

* They aren't genetic miracles

* They don't engage in any secret 'stay slim' rituals

* They don't starve themselves, and

* They don't exercise themselves silly behind closed doors.

So, what is it that makes slim people slim?


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