If Weight Loss is a Recipe, Motivation is its Main Ingredient!

If Weight Loss is a Recipe, Motivation is its Main Ingredient!

Delicious low fat recipes are only part of your arsenal in your weight loss journey.

To be fair, they are very important because unless you have the discipline of a monk combined with a Special Forces Warrior's commitment, eating low fat or low carb food that tastes like cardboard often results in people abandoning their diets.

But apart from eating low fat meals that you - and your family - enjoy, there is an equally important ingredient: Motivation.

Without motivation, you may go to the extremes: you may abandon your commitment to lose weight, or you may stuff yourself up with delicious low fat meals!

Whilst researching about this fascinating topic, I came across a very well thought and well written web site: www.Weight-Loss-Motivation.Com, and I just had to get in touch with the webmaster to see if I could get a few tips to help us all in keeping that motivation up in our efforts to lose weight without sweat or tears.

Janice Small was kind and helpful, and very happy to share her tips with us, and agreed to the following interview outlining 5 important (and easy-to-follow) tips to keep yourself motivated.

Let's see what she's got to say about it:

5 ways to motivate your weight loss

Jeff The Chef ("JTC"): Hi Janice, thank you for kindly agreeing to this interview.

Janice: That's ok, Jeff. It's my pleasure.

JTF: How important do you think "motivation" is when people are trying to lose weight?

Janice: In my view, it is one of the most important factors in determining whether a person is successful or not in following - and sticking to - a weight loss program.

JTF: Yes. I suppose, if you have not much motivation, losing weight is not a journey, but a short lived and painful sacrifice, isn't it?

Janice: That's a very fair summary, yes. You see... All diets work if you keep to them – it’s keeping to them that’s the trouble! Pay attention to your motivation and you’ll help win the battle of the bulges.

JTF: Do you have any tips you want to share for people to get motivated in their weight loss journeys?

Janice: Sure. Here are 5 ways to help you keep on track.

1. Set a target

Don’t just start out with a vague notion “to lose some weight”. Know exactly where you’re aiming. What do you weigh now? And what weight are you aiming for? Also, if you’re adding fitness to your life set targets for this too.

2. Monitor progress

What gets measured gets done so weigh yourself each week and take a note of your progress. A visual chart showing pounds lost posted where you can see it every day will boost your willpower.

3. Know your reasons

The bigger reason you have for losing weight the easier it is. What will losing weight give you? Make a list of all the ways your life will improve and read it daily. Note how you will feel once you’ve lost weight, and what others will say about you as well as how you will look.

4. Get some support

Share your goal with friends or family who you think will support you and ask for their help in keeping you out of temptation’s path. Let them know you’re serious this time – perhaps they’ve seen you try to lose weight and give up a number of times before. With anyone you suspect might be less than supportive, keep quiet and let your results speak for themselves.

5. Reward yourself

Give yourself a big pat on the back or a more tangible (non-food!) reward every time you lose a pound. It sometimes helps to go one stage further and reward yourself with every good choice you make EVERY DAY! You can put a coin a jar and see the coins build up and then treat yourself to something to wear at the end of your diet – the new outfit you’ve been dreaming of maybe?

JTC: I like that. I agree that weight loss is something more than just starving oneself to death, or living on a monk's diet, isn't it? It requires a bit of planning, and thoughtful assessment of where you're at, and where you want to be at. But more importantly, you're saying that people must really know "why" it is important to lose weight. Is that right?

Janice: You've got it in a nutshell, Jeff. You can only lose weight if you are sufficiently motivated.

JTC: Thank you for your thoughtful answers, Janice.

Janice: Thank you for the opportunity, Jeff.

Yes folks, if you want to know more about motivation, pay Janice a visit to her site. You'll find it very informative.

About the writer : Janice Small loves sharing motivational information related to weight loss.

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