What is the Blood Type Diet?

What is the Blood Type Diet?

In the review of diet programs, we first need to know what the blood type diet is. It determines which foods you should be eating categorized by your blood type.

As claimed by this diet, if you eat foods that belong with your blood type's group, you will not only lose weight, but also reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infections, and liver disease. 

According to this eating regime, your blood type comes from your ancestors. Depending whether they were farmers (A), nomads (B), hunters (O) or mixed ancestors (AB), your body has different abilities to digest certain foods.

Blood Type Diet Food Lists

  • Type A people should eat more of vegetarian based diet and avoid meat and dairy products. 
  • Type B consists of more red meat and fish. 
  • Type O is a animal protein and light carbohydrate based diet.
  • Type AB is probably the most versatile. Being a mixture of A and B, it therfore consists of a combination of Types A and B foods.

Does the Blood Type Diet Really Work?

This weight reduction plan is not supported by any scientific findings and has not been confirmed else where.

Common sense and researching biology books will dismiss the idea that your blood type has anything to do with digestion or weight loss. There is absolutely no scientific findings to support this theory.

The blood group diet still might work, due to the fact, that you eat only certain foods. Since it makes you more conscious about what you eat, you'll probably eat less overall. Furthermore, since none of the food lists include chocolate, cookies, junk food, soda, etc., omitting these items will enable you to lose weight.

Healthy or Not?

If you suffer from obesity, following the blood type diet alone might even be dangerous for your health, because the advice for certain blood types tells you not to eat lean meats, or to eat nothing but vegetables, or only certain vegetables, and other strange combinations.

Instead, if you would like to lose weight in a healthy manner, consult a doctor, excercise regularly and follow a well balanced low fat diet plan. Do not check your blood type and try to follow this type of diet.

Why is the Blood Type Diet Not Healthy?

A review of diet programs suggests the following:

  • A persons' blood type has no bearing on their ability to digest food. 
  • This diet is very resticting and you would literally have to starve yourself to see results.
  • Blood Type diets don't work unless you are restricted to them permanently! 

All diet reviews suggest that you change the way you eat as well as the way you think about food.

If you follow a healthy meal plan, you won't need to diet. 

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