Herbal Body Wrap Recipes and Formulas

Herbal Body Wrap Recipes and Formulas

It's easy to make your own home body wrap recipes. Don't believe anyone who tells you the contrary! 

How to Make Your Own Home Body Wraps

Because you can save a lot of money on expensive beauty salon treatments, there is a whole industry trying to convince you home body wraps won't work.

Just read on and I'll show you one easy example of a slimming body wrap formula.

Of course you can do your body wraps at home all on your own, but it's easier and more fun, if you ask a friend over, mix the recipe together and then wrap each other.

Before starting you have to shop for the ingredients like herbs, bandages, sea clay, etc. Make sure to use only the highest quality of ingredients.

Low quality ingredients = bad results of your body wrap recipe.

Then prepare everything you'll need for your homemade body wrapping exercise.

It wouldn't be much fun to have to stop in the middle of the process, because you're lacking i.e. a towel. :-)

Here is a list of things you will need to mix your own detoxifying body wrap recipes:

  • Body Wrap Cloths
  • Comfortable place to relax and lie down while being wrapped
  • Big mixing bowl
  • Plenty of towels to cover yourself (you don't want to get cold, because this will damage the body wrap effects)
  • Mixing spoon
  • Measuring Tape to measure your results

If this is your first home made body wrap, try this simple body wrap formula:

  • 4 cups of water 
  • 1 cup of salt 
  • 3 cups of clay

Heat the water and pour the salt in to dissolve. Then add the clay slowly, while constantly mixing. Keep pouring clay until you get a creamy paste...

... and put the Body Wrap on!

Or you can use one of the Body Wrap Home Kit that are now readily available. For starting I would recommend you try the Mini Kit. If you like the body wrapping, then you can switch to the bigger kits.

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