Yummy Bread Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad with French Bread and Thai Basil

Bread Tomato Salad is a perfect recipe for a spring or summer evening.

Eating in the open air such as balcony, terrace or garden is one of the greatest joys for everyone living in the so-called moderate climate. (I wonder why it's called moderate, it should be called cold and wet climate :-) )

We spend many months during winter time longing for spring to come, when finally the sun is strong enough to warm up the air. The first Sunday breakfast of the year on the terrace is something special.

As is opening the barbecue season or simply relaxing in the evening with a glass of wine and some great food. If you live in cold (moderate?) climate like I do, you'll know what I'm talking about.

The last thing you want to do on such an evening is to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare delicious supper.

Here's the solution:

Tomato Salad with Bread Dices


4-6 medium sized ripe tomatoes


freshly ground pepper

2 anchovies (optional)

5 scallions (spring onions)

6 oz (150 g) Ciabatta bread or French baguette

1 clove of garlic

fresh basil (or dried one)

3 tablespoons white wine

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 tabelspoon olive oil

Nutritional Information
per serving:

5 WW-Points

290 Calories

7 g Total Fat

0 mg Cholesterol

46 g Total Carbohydrate

Turbulence Training


Wash and dry tomatoes. Cut into little cubes. Add salt and pepper. Cover tomatoes and let rest for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile wash, dry and chop anchovies. Cut off the green part of the scallions except the last 2 inches (5cm). Wash, dry and chop them.

Dice the bread. Peel and scrunch garlic. Take basil leaves to your liking, wash, dry and slice.

Put bread into bowl. Mix garlic, white wine and 1 tablespoon vinegar. Pour mixture into bowl with bread.

Prepare two plates with tomato cubes. Mix vinegar, juice from the tomatoes, anchovies, basil leave slices, oil and onions. Pour mixture over tomatoes.

Spread bread dices and some basil leaves evenly across the plates with tomatoes.

Warning: The bread dices soak up the sauce and become mushy, therefore you should serve the salad immediately. If this isn't possible, prepare everything and mix in the bread dices just before serving.

By the way, to make this clean eating recipe even more healthy, don't use white bread, but freshly (self)baked rye bread.

Variation: Bread Tomato Salad With Roasted Bread Dices

This variation is even more yummy and your kids will love you for making it. But it takes a bit of extra time and effort.

Put the bread dices into a pan with a little bit of oil and roast over medium heat until the bread turns slightly brown and roasted. I love those roasted bread dices!

Pour over the tomato salad, while they're still warm. Now they won't soak up the sauce and give your salad a crispy note.

(For the photo I used Thai basil, not the normal one you usually buy, because we have the Thai basil plant in our garden. )

Makes 2 servings

Serve and Enjoy!

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