Dieting, Weight Loss and How to use Food to Lose Weight

by Mateen. Siddiqui.

If dieting is your best idea to lose weight then you are in for a surprise. In this article I will show you how dieting works, how it fails and how to use food to lose weight.

Dieting and what it means

The very word "Dieting" implies severe restriction of calories. When people say that they are "on a diet" or "dieting", they simply mean that they would love to eat that chocolate pie or ice-cream but they cannot, at least for a few days since they are dieting.

I am sure the word dieting originated with good intention but it is often misused and sometimes abused to lure you in to the latest fad diet or exercise program.

The Science of Dieting

The very reason you are fat is because you are eating too many calories. So is the common belief. But the real fact is the obesity is multifactorial. Improper eating habits { so easy to be indulged in today's world}, combined with sedentary lifestyle are two significant factors.

Dieting does work. At least in the short term. But increasing data from follow up studies and then later experimental ones does prove that you are more than likely to get the lost weight back and some more.
This is called Rebound Weight Gain.

The flaw in dieting

After a short term effect you will see that you are gaining back the weight you lost. This is due to the backfire effect where your body when it goes in to the starvation mode and reacts by storing all the calories it can.

When you diet you send the body same signal our ancestors sent when they lived in caves. The signal simply says, "Store today and use tomorrow".

Second reason for rebound weight gain is your frustrated response. Once you starve yourself of everything you like you are likely to binge and waste all your efforts.

You see your body is the most amazing piece of machinery there is. Unlike other

machines, it adapts, increasing its efficiency with use. Use your body to exert, it simply expends calories and starve yourself, it stores all the food it can.

Other effects

  • Dieting has also shown to lower your metabolism.

  • Dieting loses muscle mass as the muscle will be used for energy purposes.

I am sure you see the reasoning.

How to make food work for you

In simple words dieting is like winning a lottery, a small one though. You may be happy but you will lose all you money soon and get back to square one. To see the real weight loss results and to get a slim trim body you need a mental shift in your food choices.

Fortunately the foods that make you fat are the same ones which will cause heart issues, diabetes and obesity related problems in the long run. Another reason to avoid high fat foods and processed sugars.

Firstly stop dieting and start making smart choices. Delicious low fat recipes is a great place to start. But you need to do more. In part two we will talk about foods you can eat all you can but when you need them. I am getting ahead of myself.

For now you can,

  • Set feasible
    Exercise Goals.


  • Concentrate on eating foods low in fat, low GI foods in smaller servings.


  • Cut back calories but slowly.


  • Eat more frequently without skipping meals. Try this tip for 2-3 weeks and see the response, both in terms of energy and weight loss.


  • Start
    exercising to lose weight.


  • Stay consistent and patient. You have added
    weight over a long period of time and you will lose weight slowly. But you can
    enjoy the journey. Remember a weight loss of 5-8 lbs will be clearly visible
    and definitely enjoyable.


Mateen. Siddiqui. is the author of the ebook, "The TEN Commandments of Weight Training". Visit his Weight Training Tips website to download this ebook absolutely free today.
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Nov 25, 2007
Why Dieting is Bad For You ...
by: Anonymous

Hi Mateen,

thanks for this great article! It shows exactly the problem of the so-called yo-yo effect and why dieting is not good for you.


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