Exercises for Women

Exercises for women

By now you're probably telling me that I'm crazy. How could you possibly add exercises for women as one more task to your already full schedule. Please be patient with me, I'll show how this new healthy habit will even give you more time for your other chores.

There's a quote by Ghandi when he was asked how he could take the time to meditate one hour per day when he had to run a country and have all those tasks to attend to. His answer was: "Maybe I should meditate for two hours, then!"

I love that quote, because it shows how meditation (and in our case sports) actually reduces the sheer amount of our daily tasks. 

Choose Fun Exercises

First of all, sports and exercise don't have to be dreadful. They can be an activity you're looking forward to.

In my weekly schedule there are two important appointments I almost never miss. These are my Yoga class and swimming with my girlfriends. These are activities I look forward to and I'm sure you can also find some fun things to do.

Afterwards I feel tired but relaxed and the next day I inevitably always have a lot more energy to tackle my daily chores.

Both of these sports are perfect exercises for women, not only for your body but also for your mind. You workout your butt, arms, legs, thighs and tummy at the same time as you quiet your mind. 

Profit from Having More Energy

Doing exercises for women will give you more energy to get through the day. Suddenly you'll be able to do things in half of the time, because you feel better and have more energy.

It's not only the muscles that are challenged during a workout, the heart, lungs, blood circulation, brain, every part of your body is involved. Our bodies are made to be constantly moving to work properly.

Just have a look at your kids: do they ever sit still? No they are always running, jumping, skipping, rolling. I often wonder how a 3-year-old can have ten times the energy I do. The reason is, because they move so much. 

Stay in shape to keep up with your kids. Start doing some sports activities and soon you'll be overflowing with energy like a little child :-)

Look Younger and Feel Better

Because the whole body is challenged during a workout your metabolism works overtime, cells regenerate faster, your skin looks brighter, your hair shines. 

Your whole body is more toned and looks younger. And you feel better. This is not only the effect of the exercises for women but also the look in the mirror.

Reduce the Burden of a Pregnancy

Whoever said a pregnancy doesn't take it's toll on your body, must be a man.

During pregnancy you shouldn't do any high-impact sports, especially in the second and third trimester. But low impact exercises for women like swimming, Yoga or walking are a good way to help you cope with all the hardships of carrying a little baby.

After a pregnancy it's vital to get back in shape as fast as possible, because your daily life will get only more hectic. Part of that routine should include Kegel exercises for the pelvic bottom.

Reduce Stress

Sports activities have been shown to reduce stress for several reasons. You body produces a hormone called endorphin which makes you feel happy and relaxed. Incidentally that's the same push you get from eating chocolate, but without the side effects!

Sometimes the quiet time for yourself also helps to put things into perspective. You might laugh after your workout at problems that seem overwhelming just an hour earlier.

And did I say, that workouts don't have to last long? You can have great effects with following an intense workout for just 4 minutes a day. 

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