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What means KJ or kilojoule?

Kilojoule is a measure for energie and has officially replaced the older measure (kilo)calories. 4,1868 joule are one calorie.

Can I replace the sugar in the recipes with sweetener?

Yes, you can, even though I don't recommend it. The taste is not the same and you can easily use to much. Check the instructions on your sweetener how much sugar equivalent it is. Always use only very little at first until you find the right amount of sweetener for your liking.

What are Spinach Fettucine, or Spinach Pasta in general?

Spinach Fettucine are noodles like the normal Fettucine with the difference that they are green, because the noodle dough has been made with the addition of spinach. You can buy them in well-stocked supermarkets.

What is wholemeal plain flour?

It is ofen referred to as 100% extraction flour, because it contains 100% of the wheat grain, including the bran and germ. It has a higher fibre content than plain flour. It does have a denser texture than plain flour.

What is lemon tang?

Lemon tang is lemon flavour. You can buy it in the baking department of most supermarkets.

Should I pre-bake the pizza dough base?

You should not pre-bake the dough. Just roll out the base and put the toppings onto it. Then bake.

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