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Nutritious, delicious, totally healthy and contributing to the weight loss - that's how cereals are advertised. Unfortunately, it is not always so…

Traditional breakfast choice for the majority of people, various cereals are supposed to keep you full and energized till lunch time. Mainly marketed for kids, cereals are equally popular among adults, too. They are tasty, crunchy, come in different flavors and with yummy extras, but the main reason behind cereals' popularity is - they are good for health!

For all die-hard fans of breakfast cereals the truth may be heartbreaking: cereals that are actually healthy hardly make 20% of all the types available on the market. While nobody can deny that grains, especially whole grains, are essential to our diets, you also get lots of sugar, sodium (salt), and fat if you choose to eat your grains as a cereal. What is even worse - the cereals targeting kids as the main consumers are the unhealthiest of all, with shockingly high content of sugar in the first place.

Almost all types of cold cereals are processed and denatured - some are more, some are less. The worst cereal representatives may even contain harmful chemicals and be of no nutritional value. So, if a cereal is advertised as "a healthy whole-grain" one, the truth might be just the opposite, because whole grains may come in the company of refined grains, artificial colorings, and lots of sugar and salt.

The key to choosing a genuinely healthy cereal is to inspect the nutritional value information carefully. Ideally, a cereal that is really healthy should have minimum added ingredients (if any at all). 2g sugars and 0.1g salt per 100g is considered to be low content, and such cereal can be considered quite a healthy choice. However, fat content also needs to be checked carefully as some brands are notorious for their cereals packed with fat. Healthy fats, like those coming from nuts, are of less concern than transfat and saturated fat.

Probably the lowest cereal in fat and sugar you can buy is the Wonderslim Oatmeal With Apples and Cinnamon. It contains only 1.5 grams of fat and 3 grams of sugar per serving.

Chocolate cereals as well as those coated with syrup, sugar and honey may be kids' favorites, but definitely not a healthy choice. Don't be fooled by the advertisement claims - they are definitely not going to tell you that these particular types of cereals are killing for your children's teeth and provide more empty calories than nutrients.

If you prefer muesli-style cereals and think they are healthier than other cereals, it might be quite the opposite. Too many additives in muesli raise sugar content to incredible heights. Sugarless muesli with as few added ingredients as possible is the best choice if you want to ensure a healthy start for your day. You can add fresh fruits and berries for taste and flavor as well as skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

For the little hunger in between, cereal bars are a great choice. But again you need to check first, how much sugar and fat they contain. The Wonderslim Protein Diet Bars. are a good choice and will keep you from savaging the chocolate supplies :-)

Finally, the healthiest cereal choice is plain oats. OK, not too many people, especially children, would get enthusiastic about such an alternative, but this is really what can provide you with all the necessary nutrients to make you keep going till lunch. Undoubtedly, a bowl of sugary cereal would be more pleasing to your taste buds, but the effect of fullness is likely to pass in a couple of hours, making you really starve.

Oats and other healthy grains can taste great, too, if you employ your imagination and find new ways of serving them This crock pot oatmeal recipe is the perfect example and then try this fruity oatmeal crock pot recipe variant. There are heaps of ways you can make breakfast taste great without adding sugars.

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