Healthy Cooking Tips for a Better Looking Family

by Mateen Siddiqui

If you are cooking the way you do just because your mom did then you might be in for a surprise. These cooking tips have been tested and found to be not only healthy but also nourishing. Lets dive in!

You might be a mom or dad taking care of your family kitchen or single guy/girl responsible for your own meals, the following tips will help you cook better and also discover a lot about the nutrients which you might be missing in everyday cooking.

Your Healthy Cooking Aim

Your aim in cooking is to make food which has maximum amounts of nutrients preserved, like vitamin C, folic acid and antioxidants as well as to make food tasty and palatable.. After all how many people like those bad tasting protein cookies and how many of them can you eat!

Note -
Delicious Low Fat recipes
in conjunction with these Weight Loss Diet Tips will help you lose weight as well.

Healthy Cooking tips

  1. Be sure you have washed your hands and face, worn protective clothing and have clean, preferably short nails.


  2. Minimise the number of ingredients used. The less the better. Use as few condiments and spices you can. They have very little nutritional value.


  3. Use Olive oil to cook instead of vegetable oils once or twice a week. The advantages of omega-3 fatty oils is well known. They protect heart diseases and artery diseases.


  4. Under cooked vegetables are more nutritious than over cooked ones. Recent studies suggest that if you want maximum benefit from eating green leafy vegetables then light cooking is better as it retains most of the fiber and antioxidants.


  5. Avoid Overcooking - Although these is a belief more cooking time makes food
    more tasty, unless you are cooking roots like carrots and radish.
    Although light under cooking and light vercooking has not effect on food values, avoid going to extremes As per the American Society of Nutrition Journal{1.}The same study
    also suggests that overcooking peas loses 50% vitamin C{1}. Another thing seen with high temperature cooking is that it results in denaturation of proteins resulting in loss of heat-sensitive amino acids.


  6. Do not use the same oil for cooking over and over again. This is commonly seen when you fry items. Change the oil after using it for 1-2 times.


  7. Try switching over to organic foods. The benefits of organic foods are no secret. But over trying may lead to failure. Change one food item at a time to organic variety and you will soon make better foods. Look for the label that says, " USDA organic ".


  8. Cook with leaner cuts of meat. Chicken and fish are excellent choices of low fat protein rich foods. Make sure you cut off any excess fat which might come along. You can use marinades like yogurt to avoid drying of chicken during cooking.


  9. If you bake foods use applesauce instead of oils.


  10. Use fruits for desserts. Use skim milk instead of cream. Do not use too many flavoring agents instead use fruits like strawberries and bananas. These are not only healthy but also mouthwatering.

About the Author

Mateen Siddiqui is a fitness trainer who shares his Exercise and diet on his website Weight Training Workouts.
Visit his website to download the free exercise guide today. Also check the Women's Weight Training Section.



1. Faith Fenton, Donald
K. Tressler
and Charles G. King - American Society of Nutrition

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Jan 20, 2008
Great Cooking Tips
by: Marion

Thanks, Mateen. Your article shows wonderfully how simple changes in your cooking can make a big change in your diet/weight loss attempts.

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