History of Body Wraps

History of Body Wraps

The history of Body wraps is long: they have been used for centuries. It is known that in ancient Egypt they were frequently used for beautifying the skin, healing and detoxifying the body and soothing the spirit.

The wrapping process was highly developed (just think of the mummies), and very effective. High-class Egyptian women are supposed to have been very beautiful. In spite of a very hot and sandy climate, which is adverse to the skin, they are known to have had a very clean skin.

But also in many other cultures like the Romans, Chinese, Japanese herbal body wraps were known for beauty and medical reasons. Not only to lose inches, but also to reduce cellulite.

In the resent history of Body Wraps, they were first introduced in 1961 in USA. It is a great slimming and fat reducing method. The special herbal formula successfully removes excessive body water and fat in any part of your body within an hour and with instant visible inch loss.

Since Body Wraps were first launched, they have been widely used by millions of people from different parts of the world and the body wrap business has proven its success in the beauty industry.

In the past, Body Wraps were produced exclusively for beauty salons which provided such services to their customers. Unfortunately, not a lot of people could afford luxurious and rather costly treatments in beauty salons.

With changing marketing strategies and customer demands in the 90's, together with popular demand from the public, Body Wraps are now being sold factory direct to consumers in order to expose the products to more and more people, so that customers could easily enjoy the miraculous effect from the wonderful product at an affordable price.

This has given everyone the possibility to buy the body wrap ingredients and make their body wraps at home.

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