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What are the ideal protein supplements for women? We usually have different requirements for our protein powder shake than men do. While men focus on muscle gain, we tend to focus on weight loss, overall health and aroma.

The good thing is, you can use the same protein powder your hubby does, because the best ones really are the best, independent of sex.

Given that hundreds and maybe even thousands of brands exist, read my 5 criteria to chose the best.

Five Criteria to Chose the Ideal Protein Supplements

Apple Banana Shake

1. All Natural, Hormone-Free Ingredients

We're trying to live healthy and eat clean, right? This is true for food, but also for all supplements you take. Make sure your favorite protein powder contains only natural and high quality ingredients. Furthermore, make sure it's free of the dangerous growth hormones rBGH and rBST.

2. Sugar Free and No Processed Carbs

We want to lose weight and eat healthy. Therefore the addition of sugar or other processed carbs is a big no. The damage done by those ingredients is probably higher than the good you get out of drinking your protein shake.

3. No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors and Colors

A big discussion is going on whether artificial sweeteners are damaging to your health or not. Scientific research has shown that they might trigger a vicious circle of more cravings for sweet, that leads to eating more, gaining weight, more cravings, and so on. 

Other research seems to find a connection between cancer and certain types of artificial sweeteners. To be on the safe side, stay away! Make sure your protein powder uses just natural stevia for sweetening.

Same about artificial flavors and colors. No need to use them in supplements (except that they're much cheaper than the natural ones). 

4. Low Heat Processing

By now you've heard it so many times: high heat processing damages the valuable and healthy ingredients and renders them useless or even dangerous for your body. But using high pressure and heat processing is a lot easier and cheaper to do than low heat processing, therefore this is widely used in the food industry.

Stay away from that as much as possible.

5. Great Taste and Ease to Use

This might just be the most important criteria for you :-)

The ideal protein supplements have to taste great, because you wouldn't want gulp down awful tasting shakes every day. And the ease of use is especially important for us busy moms. We don't have time to fuzz around with little clumps and difficult instructions. 

Which is the Best Protein Powder?

With the 5 above criteria, you can research your own favorite, but here's my choice:

Bio Trust Low Carb

Biotrust LowCarb

This is the one I use and love. Biotrust LowCarb even comes with one added advantage for me: it's free of soy protein. While I have no problem eating fresh soy sprouts, I'm sensitive to soy milk. 

The product is available in two flavors: Milk Chocolate and Vanilla. The vanilla is great to use for any protein shakes, that have a distinct flavor on their own, i.e. with strawberries or bananas. I have used it in the Fat Burning Banana Nutella Shake Recipe in the breakfast smoothies section. 

The Milk Chocolate is for those shakes when you use the protein powder by itself without other flavorful ingredients. Just great! And a wonderful way to curb your cravings for sweets during pregnancy (at least it helped me and is a lot healthier than devouring a bar of chocolate).

Biotrust is a company with the highest quality standards and they also offer other supplements like protein bars, Omega-3 and IC-5. They're very proud of their products and offer you an unconditional 1-year money-back guarantee in case you're not satisfied. This means you can send back any purchase within one year for a full refund. 

The only thing I don't like about the Biotrust company is, that they're quite aggressive in their marketing. But this is a small drawback to buying the ideal protein supplements.

Ah, and did I say, kids love the shakes too?

Buy Biotrust here.

Garden of Life RAW Protein

garden of life powder

This is the ideal protein supplements to use if you're Vegan. Personally I prefer Biotrust, but a Vegan friend swears by Garden of Life

Of course, the product fulfills all the five criteria above. Additionally it's soy-free and also dairy free. 

You can buy four different flavors: unflavored, vanilla and chocolate. The unflavored powder is nice, because you can use it for anything without having to cope with the slightest trace of unwanted flavor. 

But the one, that tastes outstanding is the Vanilla Spiced Chai. Prepared with hot milk, you have a great Chai Latte tea instead of a smoothie. Just the right thing for a hectic morning instead of your usual caffeine shot.

Buy at Amazon.

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