Need Help Losing Weight?

You need help losing weight?

When you need help losing weight, here are 15 tips to shed the pounds and keep them off for good.

I hear so many people say each year that they want to get that perfect bikini body or they have a new resolution to finally drop those stubborn kilos. Here you get all the help to make it happen.

Start to build these 15 habits into your lifestyle and you will quickly begin to enjoy the benefits on the path to losing weight for life.

1. Take it slow

If you need help losing weight at a healthy rate, aim to shed 1/2-1kg (1 to 2 lb) per week. This way you can be sure the loss comes from fat and not muscle. To do this long term, start with a healthy eating plan coupled with regular exercise.

2. Set "SMARTER" goals

To lose weight you must have a clear end goal in mind along with smaller goals to that will take you step by step to your final destination. Setting "Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-framed, Exciting and Recorded" goals will make you more likely to succeed. It beats "turning up at the gym and seeing how you go" each time.

3. Get a calorie counter

If you really want to lose weight, counting calories is your best plan of attack. Your daily calorie intake will be different to everyone based on your weight, height and age.I use the Weight watchers points calculator.

4. Watch out for unhealthy fat

They're really tasty, but fatty foods as more twice as calorific as other foods (dietary fat contains nine calories per gram compared with carbs and protein, both of which contain just four grams). Choose foods that contain "good fats" such as nuts, seeds and avocado but be sure to limit your portion sizes.

5.Metabolic Workouts 

Want to burn more fat? One of the very best ways is through weight training as it kick-starts your metabolism and burns energy as you train, as well as for hours afterwards. The more lean muscle you build, the more you can eat.

Use the 4-Minute metabolic workouts from Turbulence Training.

6. Eat smaller meals more often

Eating 5-6 meals per day, every 2-3 hours is a major factor in losing weight. Every time you eat it boosts your metabolism by 10%. Missing meals slows it down leading you to store more body fat.

7. Find a buddy

One of the reasons you did so much sport as a teenager was the sociability of team sports! Why not sign up to play your favorite sport again, try a new class or find a friend to come to the gym with. This can be a great way to keep you motivated and help you to lose weight!

8. Embrace the burn

Interval training helps build stamina and incinerates calories. It involves short bursts of near maximum intensity followed by longer bouts at a steady pace. Try running full pelt for 30 seconds then jogging for two minutes. Repeat 8-10 times.

Again, a 4 minute intense fatloss workout is more effective than going running for 45 minutes.

9. Eat protein for breakfast

Eat breakfast and you will burn an average of 150 more calories throughout the day. How good is that! For you to start losing weight you need to be doing this. But don't even think of muffins and donuts. Eat an egg to get enough proteins.

10. Move more

Studies have shown that those who “fidget” for example, get up out their seat to turn off the TV as opposed to use the remote burn up to a massive extra 800 calories per day. Get moving and start losing weight in no time.

11. Drink more water 

You won't be losing weight unless you drink enough water, it's an essential nutrient your body needs to make it happen. It’s recommended you have at least 2 liters (half a gallon) per day and 1 liter (1 quart) for every hour of exercise. Also be sure to sip before and during exercise to avoid that dreaded tummy ache.

12. Try something new

Perhaps try some new exercises, change your reps up or your speed, a different cardio machine or class. You'’ll keep you body guessing, thus forcing it to adapt, grow and start to lose weight.

13. Super foods for a super you

The less processed food is for you, generally the better it is. Some great “super foods” to get into your diet are sweet potatoes, fresh salmon, citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables. You too will can start to lose weight very quickly if you go hard at this.

Two of the best supplements if you need help losing weight are protein powder and Athletic Greens.

14. Work your whole body

You may be keen to get that dream six-pack. The quickest way is to work the whole body. This is because body fat comes off in layers. This means just doing abs won’t do the job. You’ll raise your metabolism for hours afterwards, burning more calories-even while you sleep!

15. Live by the 80/20 rule

This means 80% good, 20% not so good. If you can do this you should be fit and healthy for life. It also makes you more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle as you’re not totally depriving yourself. Like most people, the killer is probably your weekends. Finding a balance is essential for your body to lose weight. Making healthier choices help to minimise any blow outs and keep on track.

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