Jump Start Your Day With These Low Fat Breakfast Recipes

Jump Start Your Day With These Low Fat Breakfast Recipes

These low fat breakfast recipes will help you start up your day with a happy stomach.

You know already that breakfast is good for you, but if you want to know why this is so, this link will take you an article that discusses the benefits of having a good breakfast, particularly when trying to lose weight: Why breakfast is very good for you

Healthy and Energetic

As I was saying, these are some of my favorite low fat breakfast recipes, which you can have for a healthy and energetic start. You'll notice that there is a fair amount of low fat frittatas.

They are, in my opinion, the quickest and tastiest substantial breakfast recipes to have on days when you don't have to rush to work. They're nice with the proverbial cup of coffee.

I've also included a couple of delicious low fat pancakes for your enjoyment. My favorite is the German Apple Sauce Pancake. By the way, if you love pancakes and crêpes, you will find hundreds of mouth-watering recipes at World of Crepes.

If it needs to be super-quick, you can always have a yummy fat-burning protein shake.

Keep A Routine

For a weight loss plan, however, I found that being consistent with the same breakfast helps a lot. In summer working days I normally have a serving of low fat yogurt and some low fat muesli, and when I arrive to work I have a couple of cups of coffee with skim milk. In winter working days I tend to have just healthy cereals or porridge.

Developing a routine breakfast is good because you don't have to think about what should you have everyday (I'm lazy that way). Besides, it is easier to budget your food points intake when you have the same regularly.

Does it get boring? Well, yes and no. If you choose different sorts of variations of the same low fat breakfast recipe, you'll survive. Usually, when I get "tired" of the same thing, I shift to another easy breakfast. I also change yogurt flavors, although I have my favorite ones.

I must also confess... sometimes I allow myself to misbehave. But that is OK. It is better to "bend the rules" every now and then, than living by a strict monk diet and then "falling off the wagon" and returning to your old eating habits indefinitely.

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