Low Fat Chinese Recipes: The Vegetarian Way

Chinese Vermicelli Salad

I found many low fat Chinese recipes in a ebook entitled "Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking", written by Jim Yang, a Chinese Chef with many years of experience in the field of healthy food cooking.

The book was an answer to my prayers, as yet another addiction I had in my previous non-healthy-eating life was Asian food. I still love it and, I must confess, I still "sin" every now and then by eating "normal" Chinese food.

However, since I strive to keep a healthy diet, I wanted to find low fat Chinese recipes that I can cook everyday with ease. Doing my research online, I discovered this little book that concentrates on Vegetarian meals.

Apart from sharing many delicious low fat Chinese recipes, Jim tells you in his book how to cook authentic Chinese vegetarian dishes, how to use the healthiest ingredients to cook the tastiest dishes, and 16 fundamental easy cooking techniques for anyone to cook like a professional chef.

I think that's an important feature in this book, as it is not simply a collection of recipes, but it includes cooking techniques, and discusses why these vegetarian meals are good for you and your family.

An example of a low fat Chinese Recipe you can prepare is Jim's Ginger Sauce Chicken, which as its name implies, it uses ginger to accentuate its flavour.

"Aha!" You say. "I thought you said this was a Low Fat Vegetarian Chinese Recipes book!" You point out.

Well, here is the twist: The "Chicken" in this case, is created with dried bean curd sticks! How's that for "healthy"?

Jim's book has:

Personally, I think the book is great. It's full of great recipes and tips.There are only 2 things that I think could be improved:

First, the recipes do not include the nutritional values for each meal. It does not say how much fat, calories, kilo joules and, of course, Weight Watchers Points.

Not having that information available in the book may not be convenient for you if you want to use the recipes in there as part of your weight loss plan (if you have one). Having said that, you can always use the recipes in the book to cook yourself and your family a "healthy" and tasty treat on those days when you could not give a damn as to how many points or grams of fat you're eating. It happens to everyone, believe you me!

The second thing I'm not comfortable with is that Jim includes MSG as an ingredient for many of his recipes. I believe MSG is harmful, and I don't recommend its use in cooking, no matter how tasty the food becomes by including it as an ingredient.

Should you not consider Jim's book because of these 2 issues? That's up to you, but personally, I see a lot of good recipes which, with some substitutions and eliminations would provide you with a large repertoire of delicious - and otherwise healthy - Chinese recipes.

You can download a free trial copy of his book (in a PDF format) from his website: Click here to check out Jim's Low Fat Chinese Recipes book and download his free copy.

Another Chinese Cookbook I Recommend

There is another book on Chinese Cooking that I would also recommend. It is a book writen by another Chinese Chef by the name of Nicholas Zhou. His book is called "Real Healthy Chinese Cooking".

Nicholas' book is not dedicated to low fat recipes, although he includes a low fat Chinese food section in it. But he promises that the recipes in his book are "balanced" and therefore "healthy".

He goes on to say that his recipes take into account the "yin" and "yang" principles, not only in terms of ingredients used, but also in terms of cooking methods used. Fascinating!

Taking into account that "healthy eating" is not only about weight loss, but also about giving your body sound nutrition, I would say that Nicholas' book is a good source of delicious, easy-to-prepare, and nutritional balanced Chinese recipes that you can add to your collection of recipes.

Visiting his site is worth it, since you can also subscribe to his email list, and get free Chinese low fat recipes every now and then (and I've made sure he's not a spammer!). Check his site out, and try his free recipes. They're delicious.

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