Mouthwatering Low Fat Dessert Recipes


The mouthwatering low fat dessert recipes in this section will keep you going when you feel the urge to satisfy your sweet tooth... the healthy way.

Most of these recipes are easy and inexpensive to prepare, and yet, they are truly delicious.

Desserts don't have to be fattening or full of sugar. Sure, fat and sugar add flavor to your treats, but you pay a price when you eat desserts with these ingredients: an increase to your weight (at the very least).

I have carefully selected my favourite low fat dessert recipes, first on the basis of their ingredients and weight watchers points (using mainly fruits and other low fat and low in calories ingredients).

And second, based on recommendations by friends (of course, still taking into account the amounts of fat and kilo joules for each recipe).

These dessert recipes will surely please dieters and non-dieters, as they are delicious despite not using as much sugar as your conventional treats.... Enjoy.

Low Fat Chocolate Recipes

Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes

Weight watcher dessert recipes are very popular. Not only are there many of us in active research for nice and light desserts, but we tend to share them more often than any other recipe.

It's the weight watcher dessert recipes that make this weight loss program enjoyable... without the guilt.

Any weight loss program should be enjoyable. Otherwise, unless you are extremely disciplined, you'll keep craving the no-no food.

Besides, you don't have to sacrifice your taste buds. Pleasure them with these guilt free weight watcher dessert recipes.

Other Delicious Low Fat Dessert Recipes

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