Fantastic Low Fat Dinner Recipes

Fantastic Low Fat Dinner Recipes

These low fat dinner recipes are amongst the best I've found in my favorite cooking books. Dinner is our social family get together: We all sit around the table, eat and talk.

Everyone participates and tells about their day, my husband and I talk about the little funny things that happened at work, the kids are eager to share what happened at school, everyone gets involved, plans for the weekend and the next vacations are made.

We wouldn't want to miss this family time for anything in the world! But because we all eat together, there has always been the problem, that our low fat dinner has to please everyone.

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One of the dilemmas my partner and I often used to confront daily was that of deciding what to cook for dinner, especially when you have demanding kids who become food critics (and nasty ones) when they don't like what you cook.

And no, we parents don't want to eat pasta with tomato sauce every day!

The solution? Well, I have heard no complaints since we varied our weekly menu with these delicious low fat recipes. As they say in the Kellogg's commercial: "don't tell them it's healthy, and they'll eat it by the boxfull."

Our favorite low fat dinner recipes

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