Low Fat Lunch Recipes

Time For a Tasty Energy Recharge

Low Fat Lunch Recipes

Low fat lunch recipes are not easy to find online or in recipe books. 

That may be for several reasons, including:

  • most working people buy lunch (take away); or eat in a staff canteen, cafeteria or restaurant
  • most cooking books do not list a "midday meal" category separately;
  • you can "adapt" other low fat recipes (like low fat sandwich recipes, low fat salad recipes, low fat soup recipes, and the like.

Well, I'm inclined to regard sandwiches as the best type of luncheon, simply because most sandwiches are easy to prepare, and lite to eat.

Another reason is, that sandwiches can be taken with you everywhere without getting cold or looking ugly by the time you want to eat them. And, if you have a stressful job, without a regular lunch break, you can even have your low fat sandwich at your desk.

However, if sandwiches are not your thing, I invite you to check the low fat soup and salad recipes. You'll find other types of snacks that will appeal to your palate... and your fat intake budget! ;-)

Apart from low fat sandwiches, I also have some burger and pita recipes. Try them out and start from there with variations to find your favorite low fat luncheon recipes, that will make you look forward to eating time every day, while being nutritious, healthy and beneficial for your body!

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