Delicious Low Fat Meat Recipes

These delicious low fat meat recipes will give you something to chew on if you're in a weight loss journey.

I'm a carnivorous person. So is my family. But we try not to eat too much red meat because it has been recognized that, in the long term, too much red meat may cause many ailments including bowel cancer.

Mind you! Eating too much chicken and/or fish is not any better. I was reading an article in one of our local papers that chicken may carry a virus that make people obese by triggering off a fat-saving-reserve mechanism. As for fish, there are always concerns with the amount of heavy metals some fish has.

Vegetarians and vegans advocate - for many reasons - the need to quit eating meat. Indeed, one of my gurus (Michael Rowland) recommends a raw vegetarian diet for the optimal functioning of your mind and your body. However, following such a food regime requires a very strong commitment, and not everyone can (or is willing to) quit eating meat.

I believe in the middle path. Eat everything in moderation, exercise regularly, meditate or do something that relaxes you to keep "sanity" in your mental life, and be happy.

In this page I include different types of low fat meat recipes including lamb, beef and pork. Later on I will develop separate pages for each of these low fat recipe categories for your delight.

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