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Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast

Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast are a quick meal shock full of vitamins and minerals for you and your kids. And they taste heavenly!

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Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Perfect scrambled eggs recipe for losing weight and staying in shape.

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Low Fat Breakfast Recipes

These low fat breakfast recipes will help you start up your day. I have divided them into the "quick and easy", and the weekend breakfast dishes. Enjoy!

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Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with Basil

Don't you just love tomato and mozzarella? With this low fat salad recipe you can have it without a bad conscience.

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How to Make Scrambled Eggs Healthy

Scrambled eggs are a great fat-loss breakfast. This recipe takes it even one step further and adds carots.

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If you want a quick and tasty meal, try these low fat soup recipes.

This is a growing collection of low fat soup recipes of every sort, ideal for a quick meal, or a hearty dinner. You will be amazed at the ease with which you can cook these succulent soups

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Low Fat Snack Recipes

Select one of the many low fat snack recipes in this site. Feeling peckish in between meals? Please your taste buds in a healthy way. Lots to choose from!

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Stuffed Mushroom Recipes

The perfect stuffed mushroom recipes for a barbecue. These are fast and easy to prepare, but make a lasting impression.

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Truth About Abs Program Review

Truth about Abs – A Program that Offers Unique and Effective Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Techniques

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Fast and Easy Vegetable Casserole Recipe

Fast and easy vegetable casserole recipe. This is the basic recipe, that you can change according to your likes. Perfect for autumn.

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This delicious low fat dessert recipe is called "Butterless" Bread Pudding

The butterless bread pudding is a favorite low fat dessert recipe of mine. It's only worth 2 points, and it serves 6. You can eat it cold or hot; on its own, or with low fat ice cream. Yum!

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Vanilla Chicken Recipe

Vanilla Chicken recipe: chicken is known to be a very low fat meat.

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Low Fat Pasta Recipe: Asian Noodles in Satay Sauce

This low fat pasta recipe is worth only 6 WW points (10 g fat), and it's cooked with udon noodles or fettucinne. The satay sauce is delicious and tangy. Have it with nice white wine for dinner.

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Healthy Potato Leek Casserole

You'll love this potato leek casserole with minced meat. It's low fat, healthy and even your kids will devour it.

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Weight Loss Tea

Weight loss tea or grean tea has been proven to possess beneficial results due to the following ingredients.

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Low Fat Caesar Salad Recipe

This low fat Caesar salad recipe is the "healthier" version of the well known delicious salad. I love this recipe. It's only 3 points per serving, and it goes nicely with Rosemary Chicken.

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Low Fat Pizza Recipes

Delicious low fat pizza recipes: The healthy way to have your pizzas... but not the fat!

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Kale Chips Recipe - Raw or Baked

A wonderful kale chips recipe that can be eaten raw or baked.

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Low Fat Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli recipes you'll love! The trick is not to overcook this healthy veggie. Low fat healthy eating that is delicious, what more could you ask for?

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Chicken Florentine Recipe

This is a very quick chicken florentine recipe. Basil, spinach and grapeseed oil make the perfect ingredients for healthy eating.

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Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes

Find great low fat vegetarian recipes, we have tons of them.

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Gluten Free Diet Cookbook Review

Great Taste No Gluten is the new cookbook about gluten free diet by Sherry Brescia. It contains many practical and easy recipes, as well as some background information.

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German Cucumber Salad Recipe

This German cucumber salad recipe is a traditional favorite. It's fast and easy to prepare and most everyone including kids loves it.

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Low Fat Foods that are good for you

This list of low fat foods virtually guarantees that you loose weight and fat.

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Low Fat Smoothies – 5 Reasons They’'re So Good

Low Fat Smoothies: here are five reasons you should start including them in your diet.

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Low Fat Menu

For your low fat menu, we have a few suggestions, what to include.

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Attending a Cooking Class Has Many Benefits

A Cooking class can be as simple or complicated as you wish, but, at any level are extremely worthwhile, as you will reap the benefits every day in better, more flavoursome meal.

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Healthy Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Who said Mexican food is unhealthy? These chicken enchiladas prove the contrary.

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Health Benefits of Bananas

The many health benefits of bananas help you to eat better, without giving up joy and sweets.

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low fat snack recipe: Watermelon Crush

low fat snack recipe: Start your day with this delicious Watermelon Crush

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Weight Watcher Recipes for breakfast

Start your day with any of these quick and delicious weight watcher recipes, and keep your weight down (and your stomach happy).

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Plain Low Fat Muffin Variations

These low fat muffin variations complement the plain recipe. In other words, with these variations you can create (ok, "bake") 6 more types of "not-so-plain" muffin recipes. Very nice!

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Low Fat Lunch Recipe #5: Gourmet Chicken Sandwich

A Gourmet Chicken Sandwich is a great low fat lunch recipe: quick and easy to prepare... tasty and filling!

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Wii Exercise: Fun and Easy

Wii exercise is a whole new concept to use video games and stay fit at the same time.

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Low Fat Dessert Recipe: Baked Ricotta with Mandarin Sauce

This low fat dessert recipe is great: baked ricotta with mandarin sauce! Yum! Ricotta and Mandarin do go well together. It's nice and sweet, and very low in fat... A slice of heaven!

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Low Fat Dessert Recipe: Passionfruit Ricotta Cakes

What's an easy low fat dessert recipe? Why! The Passionfruit Ricotta Cake, of course! Low in fat, and yet fruity and sweet, it will quench your no-no cravings for junk!

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The Weight Watchers Points System

The Weight Watchers points system is extremely ingenious in that it provides a means of analysing and categorising foods according to their nutritional value.

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Weight Loss Ebooks

Reviews of the best weight loss ebooks. There's so much garbage on the market, you need to read only those 4-5.

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Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body

Review of The 4 hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Weight Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman

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Low Fat Chocolate Recipe #1: Choc Orange Blancmange

This low fat chocolate recipe is a bit of a French delight: it is called Choc Oranga Blancmange. It's sweet and delicious!

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Quick Weight Watcher Dessert Recipes: The Jelly Hunger Buster

This is one of the easiest weight watcher dessert recipes to make. The Jelly Hunger Buster is a delicious filler. I only include the WW points and number of serves.

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Low Fat Dessert Recipes: Treats are ok when they are this healthy!

Check out our growing list of low fat dessert recipes, and treat yourself to a tasty dessert, totally "guilt free" (and "fat free").

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Low Fat Pasta Recipes

If you're into healthy eating, low fat pasta recipes are a must in your diet. These delicious meals are a good start for you.

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The Weight Watchers Calculator

The Weight Watchers calculator is an invaluable tool to quickly convert the calorie content, saturated fat content, and fiber content to a weight watchers points score.

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Low Fat Salad Recipe #5: Cabbage, Fennel and Carrot Salad

Cabbage, fennel and carrot for a low fat salad recipe? The secret ingredient here is the orange herb dressing. It's only got 10.2 grams of fat per serving, and 731 kilojoules (3.5 pts in WW).

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Low Fat Lunch Recipe #6: Double Decker Rainbow Sandwich

Feel like a DOUBLEDECKER sandwich? This low fat lunch recipe tells you how to make a delicious Rainbow Sandwich... to live for!

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Low Fat Dinner Recipe: Lamb Burger with Feta

This lamb burger feta dish makes a great low fat dinner recipe, especially if you want a light and easy dish to cook... very continental!

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Weight Watcher Dessert Recipe: Apple Sauce Jelly Squares

This is another quick weight watcher dessert recipe: Apple Sauce Jelly Squares! Extra yum! ;-)

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Low Fat Lunch Recipe #5: Pita Pockets

Simplicity is the key to this low fat lunch recipe: Pita pockets could not be easier to prepare... and eat. ;-)

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