Low Fat Salad Recipes

The Healthy and Yummy Alternative

Low Fat Salad Recipes

Low fat salad recipes are not only very good for you, but they can be a tasty way of going "healthy".

By now you know that I'm all about quick and easy, yet healthy recipes. If you have a job, a family and a household to take care of, there just isn't enough time to spend hours and hours in the kitchen every day.

But you still want you kids to eat healthy, take care of yourself and the extra pounds you want to get rid off, and fill up your husband as well, who just won't subsist on green leaves.

My salads can all be used as main meal for lunch, if you're on your own, or you can use them as a side dish for dinner with the whole family.

Make it a habit to first eat your salad and only then the more filling main dish. This ensures that you eat a lot less of those calorie-rich goodies.

Depending on the salad, and the ingredients you use, you can enjoy a tasty meal and keep the fat intake low. Salads are also a great way to get your daily dose of vegetables.

The salad recipes you'll find in this page are also low in cholesterol and high in fiber. You can be creative with salads and they are such a quick and easy meal to prepare.

Salad recipes are great for the summer months when you don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove, and you won’t even believe it’s salad.

Healthy lunch ideas ideally include a salad. If you are like most of us and pushed for time then salads are a great solution.

There was a time when my mum's idea of a salad was just lettuce, tomatoes, and maybe lemon as a dressing...

... Yes, strictly speaking, that is a salad recipe... but even now, I don't like it because it is... boring!

We’ve come a long way from lettuce, cucumber and tomato.

If you're new to the concept of eating salads, you should try the ones I've included in this section.

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