Low Fat Smoothie Recipes

Low Fat Smoothie Recipes

Low fat smoothie recipes are "the secret weapon" in healthy eating and weight loss. They give you instant and sustained energy and nutrition in the form of carbs, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber.

Some research and anecdotal reports claim that natural fruit juices made from particular fruits and other ingredients may also have a healing effect on many illnesses including cancer.

Quick and tasty smoothie recipes are my favorite type of preventive medicine because more often than not, and with very few exceptions, they are a delicious and easy way of "forcing yourself" to have a nutritionally balanced low fat diet.

Consider the advantages of having shakes and fruit juices as part of your healthy diet plan:

Turbulence Training
  • Smoothies and fruit juices boost up your immune system, making it healthier and stronger with the high levels of nutrients and enzymes contained in the fruits and vegetables you use;
  • Low fat smoothies give you Instant Nutrition: You absorb the nutrients quickly because they have been "loosened up" by the process.
  • Fruit juices and milkshakes give you instant and sustainable energy (that's something that a "sugar boost" cannot do for you). With sustained energy, you increase your personal performance either physically, mentally, or both.
  • They fill you up, both with water volume and energy.
  • They are easy to prepare.
  • Fruit juices speed up your metabolism.
  • Smoothie recipes can also correct your body's acidity or alkalinity balance;
  • Some fruit juices are claimed to have healing properties.
  • Smoothies and fruit juices are an excellent way to ensure you take lots of water during the day. Think about it: You don't actually have to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. Guru Anthony Robbins reckons that you could have that same amount of water during the day by eating "water-containing" food (like fruits and vegetables). Well, this is a good reason to have them during the day, and
  • Depending on the ingredients used, Vegetarians and Vegans can also have fruit smoothies.

Five more reasons to drink low fat smoothies.

My Favorite Recipes

Here some recipes you'll love:

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