Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

Celebration Melon

Celebration Melon Fruit Salad

Looking for a fresh fruit salad recipe? The Celebration Melon may be just what you need!

It's a low fat snack recipe for a nice summer evening.... Very refreshing and energizing! Perfect to celebrate your healthy lifestyle.

This melon strawberry delight also belongs to the low fat dessert category, but it just goes to show that a snack does not have to be something crunchy or creamy.

Even if you never that about it that way, fruits make great low fat snacks, and they provide you with low release energy that keeps you going longer than any processed carbs and sugars can.

Because fruits have it is natural fruit sugar, the energy is sustained and your energy levels don't suddenly drop as is the case with artificial sugars.

Additionally you get a fair amount of vitamin C and other nutrients with this fresh fruit salad recipe. It's a great snack!


1 honeydew melon

100 g fresh strawberries

100 g frozen loganberries (or any other sort of berries)

25 g raisins

4 tablespoons orange juice

3 tablespoons brandy (or brandy essence, if you don't want the alcohol calories)

1 teaspoon sugar 

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This is what you do:

Cut the melon in halves and remove the seeds. Then dice the flesh into small cubes.

Mix the fruit with the melon cubes, and pour the orange juice on.

Chuck it into the fridge till chilled (they should actually invent a insta-chiller machine, just like a microwave... if you do, remember it was my idea!).

Serve it in small dessert bowls.

Tip: for extra indulgence, top it on with low fat vanilla ice cream.

By  the way, I don't recommend to use artificial sweeteners anymore, because of all the negative side effects they can have.

I think, one single teaspoon of sugar is better than all the side effects that the artificial sweeteners can have. Just don't go overboard with your sugar intake, ok?

Source: The Diebetics' Cookbook

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