Low Fat Snack Recipe

Watermelon Crush

Watermelon Crush

This is an easy low fat snack recipe/low fat fruit smoothie to prepare, and it's ideal for summer time.

As we approach a hot summer here down under, it is a good idea to plan on snacks that replenish our lost fluids.

Drinking water is, of course, the best way to replace your fluids. But, water does not contain vitamins and minerals (unless it's bottled water that comes loaded with these elements).

This watermelon crush does just that: it gives you a fair amount of vitamin C. That is a smart low fat snack recipe to remember.


2 kg watermelon

1 cup of ice

Artificial sweetner (to taste, only if needed)

Nutritional Information:

Serves 6

Fat: 0 g

Cal: 58

KJ: 240

WW: 1 Point

This is what you do:

Remove the watermelon rind and seeds.

Dice the flesh and blend it.

Add crushed ice to the juice, and dissolve your desired amount of artificial sweetener in water if you want it extra sweet (but this should actually not be necessary to do).

Tip: you can drink this juice "as is". You can also freeze it in ice block trays, and mix it with other juices or drinks.

Source: Snack n Pack (this is a great book with low fat snack recipes that was available in Western Australia a while ago, but that's gone out of print.)

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