These Succulent Low Fat Soup Recipes
Will Save Your Day!

Low Fat Soup Recipes

I love my low fat soup recipes! But this was not always the case.

I was not a "soup person" from a very early age. Come to think of it, I used to dislike them for 2 reasons:

First, they used to serve a limited variety of soups, and I would get bored of the same old soup (most of which had a high content of fat anyway).

Second, they used to serve the soup piping hot... I mean, if I wanted to eat melted glass, I would have said so in the first place!

Well... how hot you serve your own soups is up to you, but in terms of variety, I am including a growing number of low fat soup recipes for you to choose and never get bored of.

Try them. Experiment with different veggetables, add different low fat ingredients here and there, and your soup may even be unique....

Try these soups. You'll love them!

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