Low Fat Tortellini in Red Pepper Sauce

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I found the low fat tortellini in red pepper recipe as I was looking for a recipe that combined that pasta with ricotta.

Although this pasta recipe does not include ricotta cheese, I was instantly hooked on it because of the possible fantastic flavor the combination of ingredients promised to deliver.

It was a good choice! The preparation time was under 20 minutes, and the results were fantastic! I garnished it with low fat Parmesan cheese.


5 1/3 cups of tortellini (whatever type you want: veal, cheese, etc).

3 tsp olive oil

1 tsp crushed garlic

2 red peppers (capsicums) thinly sliced

1 cup of thinly sliced onions

1/2 tsp grated orange zest

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp ground ginger

1/2 cup of fresh orange juice

2 Tbsp tomato paste

2 Tbsp light sour cream

Nutritional Information:

Serves 4

Fat: 10 g

Cal: 283

KJ: 1189

WW: 5 Points

This is what you do:

Put half a pot of water to boil, and then cook the tortellini till tender. Then drain the liquid and set the tortellini aside.

Meanwhile, in large non-stick pan, heat the oil and cook the garlic allowing it to release its flavor for 1 minute.

Then add the peppers, onions, orange zest, salt and ginger, and cook for 5 minutes or so.

Next, add 1/4 cup of water, and bring it to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer for about 7 minutes.

Stir in the orange juice and tomato paste in the boiling liquid, and bring it to a boil stirring frequently till the liquid goes thick.

Pour the boiling contents (carefully) into a blender vase and blend till smooth. Then pour into the pot combining the sauce with the cooked tortellini. Keep cooking for about 3 minutes, and it's ready to serve. 

Serve this delicious low fat tortellini dish warm, and sprinkle the Parmesan Cheese.

Source: Weight Watchers New 365 Day Menu Cookbook: Complete Meals for Every Day of the Year

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