My story on weight loss

by Jolanda Bolt
(The Netherlands)

You know, weight loss isn't that difficult... most people can follow some guidelines for a while and lose some weight. But keeping it off is the hard part.

Let me start by telling how I lost over 30 kg. I hope I can inspire some people.

In 2007 I had a conversation with a medical doctor who made it clear to me that if I would stay as big as I was I would risk my health by developing diabetes, type 2. I had never had such a clear message because a lot of doctors seem to avoid the subject, even when they see you slide down a steep slope and ruin your health.

It is probably because it is such a sensitive subject and because a lot of people feel hurt because it is so hard to lose that extra weight.

I was scared to start because I had so many failed attempts that I refused to focus on the numbers anymore. I was just too scared to fail. So I chose to focus on something much harder to measure: my health.

I decided to do things that would help me improve my health. This meant change my eating habits, address my emotional eating and get moving. I didn?t take all of it on. I only changed one thing per month. One thing at a time. Change is so hard, why try to change it all in one week?

First I started to log what I ate. I used an online food diary which gave me a lot of insight in what I put in my mouth. Based on what I found out I was able to change my eating habits.
A lot of small changes followed: eating more fiber, drinking more water, exercise more, etc.

The weight disappeared slowly but surely. It gave me a new freedom I never knew.

According to the theories I haven't reached my goal weight, but that isn't important for me. I have improved my health so much that I never want to lose it again.

Last year I decided to make a career change and went back to school to study weight loss management. I now help others change their lives. It makes me really happy seeing others discovering their freedom!


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