Negative Effects of Dieting

Negative Effects of Dieting

The negative effects of dieting and why Dieting is NOT the best way to lose weight and keep it off.
How many times have you heard a friend say: "I'm dieting or I'm getting ready to start this new diet"

DIETS DON'T WORK! Have you ever had any long-lasting success with diets?

Over 90% fail -- they gain back all the weight they lost, and many gain back even more.

Why don't diets work? Simple -- you can't be on diets long-term.

Especially when it comes to diets where you're eating pre-packaged foods or odd combinations of foods. Diets are short-term solutions. To lose weight and keep it off you must change your eating habits.

You're not going to spend the rest of your life mixing up protein shakes or eating a ton of grapefruit! We are not all supposed to look like models.

When you restrict your calories, your body's system thinks there's a famine coming. So it slows down your metabolism and squeezes every last bit of nutrition from the few calories you're giving it. This is a negative effects of dieting.

That's your body's natural response -- your weight loss slows to a crawl, you're hungrier and hungrier, and pretty soon you give up your diet and go back to your old ways which ultimately means regaining the weight. These are more negative effects of dieting.

The Dreaded Yo-Yo Effect

Your metabolism slows, and you gain even more weight back than you lost during your diet. All the pounds and kilos comes back -- sometimes even more weight.

This is called the yoyo-effect. YoYo dieting does not work and people are frequently dieting and/or trying some new way to lose the weight, many unhealthy. Some even gaining weight while dieting. Again, more negative effects of dieting.

Then what do most of us do? Decide to go on another diet! We hear about all the new dieting ideas or fads and we think, "Maybe this one is the magic one that will really work..." And so the cycle starts up again... Read my diet reviews.

I don't know about you, but for me, even the thought of food restriction makes me feel hungry!

Break the vicious cycle with a healthy low fat nutrition

Start breaking this insane and unsuccessful habit by asking yourself what you really want to accomplish by losing weight. Go through the times when you've dieted in the past. Have you been getting the results you wanted? Were you motivated?

Motivation and dieting together are a must. How can you diet if you aren't motivated?

If you aren't getting the results you've wanted from your weight reduction plans..... Stop Dieting Now!

No, you won't go around and eat everything in the house. Instead learn how to eat healthy.

Dieting is about short-term control that you can't keep up --true weight loss is about letting go in the long term and trusting your body to know what it wants.

Make a list of positive things you want to achieve and start NOT thinking any more about calories and diets. Free your mind from the painful thoughts of dieting, thoughts that end up making you eat more than you actually want!

Learning about healthy meal plans, eating more vegetables and doing exercise will keep you from relying on yoyo dieting and deprivation as a way of life. You will achieve more weight loss and feel better.

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