The Nintendo Wii Fit – Fun and Fitness in One Package

Nintendo Wii Fit – Fun and Fitness

The Nintendo Wii Fit requires you to get up off the couch. Yes, it’s a video game but not one where you can sit hunched up and just press the buttons. This one will give you a moderate workout. It’s an easy way to start exercising, especially in the winter when you are less than likely to want to go pounding the streets in icy temperatures.

The Wii Fit is one of the fitness oriented computer games from Nintendo. Their sports games have transcended normal video games by allowing players much more freedom of movement and the ability to use the controller just like a racquet in tennis, or like a club in golf. Clever technology achieves this by the use of motion sensors that detect speed and direction, tied in with the system’s computer.

The Wii Fit goes a step further with a new piece of hardware – the pressure sensitive balance board. This gadget looks like a cross between a surfboard and weighing scales, and, indeed it does weigh you when you first alight, and, along with values input for age and weight, it will work out your body mass index.

Having established this you move on to rudimentary balance exercises to establish your Wii age or general body poise. You choose your Mii or on-screen representation, and then you set to undertake various sporting challenges such as ski-jumping or tightrope walking. You can follow on with various body crunching exercises such as thigh bends and press-ups that can leave you exhausted.

Not everything is available at the start, so you’re free to dip in and out of all the little sessions you’ve unlocked, and, as you build up your training you get access to more and more. When it comes to balancing and yoga moves the instructions are encouraging and give you a good idea of what’s required.

The elements of a virtual world in some of these challenges, like a tightrope walk between two massive skyscrapers, can be quite exciting and take you away from the usual boring aspect of exercises on a mat.

Another both useful and fun part of the system is that it provides a range of statistics on your performance, which, combined with personal targets, are very good at motivating you to want to do better and better.

Some studies have suggested that the Wii fit could have health benefits. It must surely be better for children than playing the static hand-controlled games that so many are addicted to. It has been estimated that playing golf on the Wii Sports console is no more strenuous than watering houseplants, but the Wii Fit improves on this.

Some of the exercises burn significant amounts of calories and equate to at least a brisk walk in terms of energy expenditure. The aerobic exercises must certainly burn calories depending on how much effort you put in of course. The games are fun and suitable for all the family, but if you want to lose some weight, or to tone up, then you need to do more, i.e. the EA sports active package. The Nintendo Wii Fit is, overall, a convincing package.

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