Oxo Salad Spinner

Time-Saving Kitchen Tool

Oxo Salad Spinner

I finally bought an Oxo Salad Spinner after using a measly colander to wash and dry my salad for years. I was always reluctant to spend 30 USD for something I could as well do with the old gear I had at hand, or better at kitchen.

I love My Salad Spinner!

After just a few days I can't imagine going back to the oxo-less days of the past. So why do I love that time saving kitchen tool so much?

Oxo Salad Spinner Steel

1. Good Looks

Ok, that might not be the most important reason of all, but a girl has to have things she likes. 

The Oxo salad spinner comes in three shapes: the basic version is cone-shaped with straight walls, the one I bought looks bowl-like with rounded walls (big picture above) and the luxury version comes in stainless steel.

Considering how much I love my new salad spinner I should have bought the stainless steel version, because of the sheer elegance. You can easily use it to serve your salad, even for guests.

2. Fantastic Time-Saver

This salad spinner consists of three parts: colander, bowl and lid.

Wash your greens in the colander, put it into the bowl, close the lid and start spinning. Easy to use, even with one hand while carrying a baby with the other one. All done within seconds.

Oxo Good Grips

3. Fun Gadget

Yes, spinning is fun. Who would have thought that washing your salad finally is a chore you're looking forward to :-)

Or, even better, have your kids do it. Our 3-year old was spinning the salad, until there wasn't one last drip of liquid left on the leaves (and he would have continued if I'd let him).

4. Easy to Store, Use and Clean

Take the leaves out of the colander and put them into the bowl. You can serve the salad directly in that bowl. If you have guest frequently, I'd recommend the steel version, which looks so classy and elegant.

Bowl with lamb's lettuce

And now the hidden goodies of the Oxo Salad Spinner:

  • Doubles as storage container. Put the lid back on to seal the bowl and keep your leafy greens up to 2 days in the fridge. They will stay amazingly fresh.
  • Lock the knob for easy storage. The bowl-shaped spinner fits nicely into another bowl and takes up almost no space at all
  • Use the brake. Quickly stop the spinning with the brake. Did I mention that braking is almost as much fun as spinning?
  • Clean with the dish-washer. I would never buy any kitchen tools that can't go in the dishwasher. Because, hey, I'm a busy mom and I don't have time to wash by hand. (One exception to this are the kitchen knifes, but that's another story.)
  • Rock Solid. The non-slip ring at the bottom makes it stick to about any surface.

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