A Motivational Aid for Weight Loss

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The pedometer provides motivation to keep your weight loss program on track. Excessive body weight is a high risk factor for diabetes, cardiac ailments and other diseases.

Exercise or physical activity combined with a healthy diet is the best bet for weight loss. But often an exercise program embarked upon with much enthusiasm may falter mid way. There are always excuses to avoid your regular walk or run. What you need is a suitable motivational tool that urges you to stick to your goals. The pedometer is one such device.

What Exactly is a Pedometer?

The step counter is a device that counts the number of steps you take. It is an electronic or electro-mechanical device that registers every step by detecting the corresponding motion of your hip. It may be clipped on to your waist. Several pocket models are also available.


According to health experts a total of 10,000 steps per day are necessary to achieve weight loss. This is equivalent to 5 miles or 8 kilometers. This device ensures that you are indeed taking that many steps in a day.

Very often, there is a degree of overestimation in current activity levels. You feel that you are exercising adequately, which may be an erroneous assumption and a possible reason for not getting the desired results from your workout. With the pedometer analyzing your current activity levels precisely, there is no room for such errors.

The device enables you to increase your activity levels in a paced manner. For instance you can move gradually from say 5000 steps to 6000 the next week and finally reach the 10,000 level.

What You Can Do

The basic step counter offer information on number of steps and the distance covered. Premium models indicate calories burned, speed, heart rate, etc. Some models are equipped with software that provides a detailed workout analysis on plugging in the device to the PC.

While the more advanced models are used by professionals like runners and athletes, you should make sure that your device is of good quality and measures the steps accurately. And remember that pedometers work more accurately when you take precise steps that make an impression. If you walk too slowly or drag your feet, the movement may not be large enough for the device to register and of course such movements do not really count as ‘physical exercise’.

Role in Weight Loss

Your pedometer can serve as the best motivational tool for weight loss, because it provides you absolute figures by which you can measure your progress. For instance, you would know for sure that you have taken only 8647 steps on Monday, and not the recommended 10,000. Seeing the actual  figures (digital display) has the effect of pushing you to make up the missed steps the next day.

And as you observe the weight loss (which will surely result, if you keep up the requisite numbers of steps), you are motivated to do more steps each day.

As the step counter records any small changes that you make in your lifestyle, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the supermarket, instead of driving, you will find yourself opting for these healthier options more often than before.

Omron Pedometer Review

Omron is the best choice: they're digital, light weight pocket pedometers. The company’s HJ-112 model is the top selling product in this category on Amazon.

It is extremely accurate and sensitive and can pick up your steps from your pocket or from within your purse. Besides the steps taken, it offers information on distance covered and calories burned. Its most beneficial feature is that it records within its memory the results for seven days. So if you are planning that big lunch on Sunday, with the pedometer, you have an opportunity to adequately prepare yourself for it by burning more calories in the preceding days.

The company also offers another model, the HJ-113 that incorporates a few additional features. I personally bought the HJ-113 and I'm thrilled! Every day I'm eager to make the required number of steps and it's fun and rewarding in the evening to find out if I over-reached my goal or not.

The Omron HJ-113 accurately measures your steps, but it's not easy to cheat it. Off course I tried to cheat it and make more steps, by just moving from one leg to another while standing in front of my desk. Let me tell you, it doesn't work! The pedometer can tell real steps from fake ones.

Another extra feature is the counting of "aerobic steps", which are counted when you walk longer than 10 minutes at 60 steps per minute without a break. The so-called aerobic steps will push up your calorie burn rate, so try to make at least 2000 aerobic steps per day.

Clip on a pedometer and walk your way to good health.

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