Quick Weight Watcher Dessert Recipes

The Jelly Hunger Buster

The Jelly Hunger Buster

This is one of the weight watcher dessert recipes that I made up with when I first started my weight loss program.

It's easy to make, and very low in points. It is not an instant recipe to prepare, but it's quicker than baking something, huh?


1 pack of diet jelly (choose your favourite flavour)
1 200 g tube diet peach flavoured yoghourt
4 artificial sweetener pills
2 cups of boiling water
2 cups of cold (chilled) water

Nutritional Information:

2 Servings

0.5 WW point per serving
(or have 2 for only 1 point!)

This is what you do:

1. Stir the contents of the jelly pack into the boiling water till it dissolves.
2. Add the sweetener pills and dissolve.
3. Add the cold water and mix.
4. Place in cups or dessert bowls.
5. Place in the fridge till the jelly settles.
6. Once the jelly has settled, put 1/3 of cup of diet yogurt on top, and enjoy. 

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