Stick to Your Weight Loss Plan – Quick Meal Ideas

by Victor Biluk
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Part of virtually any weight loss plan is eating a balanced diet, but that can be really tough if you lead a busy life. Fortunately, there are several quick meals you can incorporate into your busy life at both breakfast and lunch to help meet your weight loss goals.

Instead of grabbing a frozen waffle or a high-calorie pastry, try one of these options:

Two slices of whole wheat or whole grain toast with peanut butter on top and an apple will keep you moving throughout the day without using up all of your calories.

Some cereals are really low in calories while filling you up. Special K and All Bran are two of your best choices.

Need something as you’re walking out the door? The night before, throw an apple, two ounces of cheddar, and a quarter of a cup of walnuts into a plastic bag. Eat on your commute for a filling, low calorie treat.

A smoothie made with low-fat yogurt, fruit, and some wheat germ is a great way to get the day started.

While lunch for most people means the fast food restaurant around the corner, you can still have a quick lunch without the calories.

A turkey sandwich is a perfect lunch, and since you can make it the night before, there’s no morning rush. Use whole grain bread, lettuce, tomato, and mustard.
Add some carrots and grapes to your brown bag, and you’ve got a meal that will hold you over until dinner.

A roasted vegetable and chicken tortilla wrap will make you the envy of your coworkers in a hurry. Take a grilled chicken breast (use leftovers or pre-prepared if you must). Roast a red pepper and a red onion by drizzling them with olive oil and sticking them in the oven until they look charred. Slice the chicken and the vegetables into strips, mix with a bit of pesto, and spread on a tortilla. Fold, place in the refrigerator, and grab it on your way out the next morning.

A black bean salad is a easy lunch that’s quite filling. The night before, combine a can of black beans with a can of corn. Add four green onions, a bell pepper, a tomato, an avocado, and a jar of pimentos. Make a quick dressing from two tablespoons of lemon juice, two ounces of Italian dressing, and a pinch of garlic salt. Mix it together, put a lid on the bowl, and put it in the refrigerator until morning.

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