Truth about Abs Program Review

Truth about Abs

The Truth About Abs program offers unique and effective weight loss techniques and the best way to build abs.

It is one of the most popular weight loss and fitness training programs today. The reason behind this is simple – it works.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Reduced physical activity and increased intake of processed (junk) foods is the norm today. According to the experts, 70% of the American population is overweight and at higher risk of heart attack, diabetes etc. 70% is a huge figure and if you are reading this, chances that you belong in this category are high.

You are obviously looking for a physical fitness program that will get your weight back to normal. With the Truth about Abs program, you get much more than that. The program not only ensures weight loss, but also guarantees the sexy flat abs that you have always dreamed of, but had perhaps reconciled to the fact that it may remain just a dream. Not so anymore.

Best Exercise for Abs and Diet Meal Plan

Any efforts targeted towards weight loss or body sculpting work best with a combination of effective workout strategies and healthy eating plans. If your general weight loss approach is to spend 2 hours in the gym everyday and pay scant attention to what you eat, sorry. That is not the way it works and no wonder you are not getting the desired results.

The Truth about Abs program looks at fitness in a comprehensive manner with its workout suggestions and recommended diet suggestions. And this is where the program differs from conventional approaches.

10 Minute Abs

This is the only program for getting mens or female six pack abs that does not place much emphasis on direct abs exercises. It can't get more unconventional that this, can it?

So you can say goodbye to those countless crunches that you religiously perform every morning. They have not yet worked any miracles on your not so muscular abs, have they? And most likely they won’t.

The Truth about Abs program focuses on unique, high intensity workout strategies. The intense workouts ‘shock’ your system and get your metabolism in high gear to facilitate greater degree of fat burning.

The principle of this program is to build muscles all over the body, which results in far more fat burn than possible through direct abs exercises. Because exercises are of high intensity, an effective workout lasts only a few minutes and not hours. So those excuses of ‘not having time for exercise’ can frankly be thrown out of the window.

Unconventional Abs Diet

The important premise on which the Truth about Abs program is based is that six pack abs are created in the kitchen and not at the gym!

What you eat can greatly influence your body shape. However, the program does not recommend any fad diets or bland salads that only serve to accentuate your hungers pangs, so that you ultimately overindulge. One of the secret weapons in this program is the selection of 5 foods that have inherent fat burning properties. How cool is that!

The program lays out an abs diet meal plan with as many as 84 recipes you can choose from and the focus is on healthy, wholesome foods that keep you full and which are absolutely yummy. This is one diet that does not even seem like a diet.

Click here to download the 'Try it First, and Decide Later' Truth About Abs Program Trial.

Mike Geary, the creator of the Truth about Abs program is a nationally certified physical trainer and nutrition specialist. He has written the bestselling program “The Truth about Six Pack Abs” and regularly authors fitness articles online and offline.

In conclusion, this is a comprehensive abs exercise and diet program that offers simple and practical strategies to help you achieve your dream body. Being available as an e-book, you can download it instantly.

The best part about the Truth about Abs program is that it offers variety and flexibility with numerous options, keeping you motivated to stay on the program.

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