Weight Loss Ebooks

These are reviews of our recommended Weight Loss Ebooks.

There are millions of weight loss ebooks for sale, but only a few are worth reading. Here are our recommendations for you:

The Negative Calorie Diet

Negativ Calorie Diet

This ebook (the original is not available anymore, but this one comes close to it) will explain exactly, which are the foods, that use up more energy to digest, than they contain.

Furthermore you get simple and easy-to-follow instructions son how to do the diet, when to do some "refreshing", and how to use the metabolism speeding foods when you've reached your ideal weight, in order to keep it.

It's always handy to know which foods you can eat as much as you want without breaking your diet.

Fat Burning Kitchen

Fat Burning Kitchen

I'm fascinated by this ebook! It contains such a vast amount of nutritional information. Some were new and even shocking to me. Or did you know, that artificial sweeteners might actually make you gain weight? And that some of the are even dangerous to your health?

The book tells you exactly you which foods will burn fat, and which foods will actually make you store fat. It's written by Mike Geary from Truth About Abs fame. You can get both ebooks together, with a discount or just start out with the Fat Burning Kitchen.

4-Hour Body By Tim Ferris

4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris

The 4-Hour Body By Tim Ferris is surely popular. But is it useful? Read our Review and be amazed. I love his first book, the 4-hour-workweek. This one is totally different.

Disclosure: When you buy one of the above ebooks I receive a small comission, which helps me to keep up the work on this website and deliver more great low fat recipes to you.

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