Low Fat Recipes For Those That Don't Cook

by Bill Montgomery

Low Fat Recipes For Those That Don't Cook

All of the recipes on this web site are excellent. Most involve some cooking and I don't cook. At least nothing that requires anything more than a microwave.

Now if it were not for my sister I would think that there were not women out there that didn't cook. However, my sister cannot boil an egg. So there are some people reading this that might be saying to themselves, "How am I going to learn to do all this?"

So how could could someone like myself drop 40 pounds and keep it off? It just takes a little innovation. Now I admit if I had all the ideas on this web site at the time it would have been even easier (if I cooked).

Alright! Here is my recipe:

Salad Ingredients




Yellow Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper

Pairing knife


Cut the cucumber into half inch wide slices and then cut the skin off it (that way you don't have to wash it). Cut a big chunk of cabbage and throw away the outer layer (that way yo don't have to wash it). Slice off some broccoli then the bell peppers. Put it all in a bowl and eat it.

"What?" you say. "No dressing?" No!!! People ruin salads by putting dressing on them. You do not want dressing unless you want to gain weight.

And how do you get yourself to eat something like this every day? I am going to give you my ultimate secret. Are you ready for this?


Even Easier Recipe

Here is an even easier recipe for you that will not only help you lose weight but keep you healthy as in "An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

You have eaten your breakfast salad with maybe a yogurt for protein and now it is a couple hours later and your feeling the hunger (that's good). So now what?

It is time for the apple snack. Wash it good but don't peel it because that takes too long and you need the fiber. In fact here is the secret to the apple snack:


I suppose I must confess: If you want really great recipes that are low fat visit this web site more often.

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