Weight Loss Tea

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Green Tea is now weight loss tea: it has been widely promoted as a means to help you loose weight.

Numerous Health Benefits

O0long tea has long been connected with plenty of health benefits. In China, the home country of Oolong this has been known for centuries.

Among them are:

  • Powerful anti-oxidant that boosts your immune system and slows down the aging process
  • Regulates blood sugar and diabetes
  • Acts as antiviral and thus prevents cavities, tooth decay and bad breath
  • Sharpens mental focus and concentration without causing sleeplessness or nervousness
  • Speeds up your metabolism and circulatory system
  • Lowers cholesterol levels, thus reducing blood pressure

The Secret ...

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.. lies in its active ingredients. Many scientific studies have proven the beneficial results of green tea due to the following ingredients.

1. Antioxidants: Catechin polyphenols
The so called Catechins and particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are considered the most effective of all antioxidants. EGCG is a hundred times more effective than vitamin C and still twenty-five times better than vitamin E in protecting your immune system.

2. Caffeine
Green tea contains natural caffeine that stimulates your metabolism.

3. Theanine
Theanine neutralizes the harmful side effects of caffeine and acts as an appetite suppressant, thus reducing your calorie intake :-)

Assists in Weight Loss

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According to some scientific studies, yes it does. Horray!

The caffeine together with EGCG raises Thermogenesis (the rate at which calories are burned), and hence forces your body to burn fat faster and more efficiently.

In the weight loss tea study by Linus Pauling Institute, drinking it resulted in an increase in energy used by the body of 3-4%. They say this effect of slimming tea is "apparently due to increased fat oxidation and thermogenesis".

Slimming tea will serve you much better, if you combine it with a proper and healthy diet as well as an effective exercise program. Like always, there's no use in drinking it and then counteracting the health benefits by living on junk food!

Green tea can assist you with weight loss, but it's definitely no magic pill.

If you'd like to try losing weight, start with buying the highest quality oolong tea leaves and drinking it instead of regular black tea or coffee. Click on the image below to be taken to Amazon.com

Oolong tea for weight loss.

Reduces Your Appetite

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The three ways to help with your weight loss are:

  • Reducing your appetite (good)
  • Stimulating your metabolism (even better)
  • Doesn't have any calories (what more can you ask for?)

In closing... it certainly appears that green tea has great health benefits, and good weight loss features as well. It's one of the few natural supplements that has some decent clinical proof validating its claims.

Well worth trying, if you've got a good diet and exercise program under way. Unfortunately it won't help if all you do is sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating junk food....

As it's a natural product you will not get jitters or shakes like other supplements can give you.

Personally, I think the effects combined with its superb health benefits for blood sugar, cholesterol, bad breath, dental cavities, and antioxidant effects, make it a great food!

Replace any soda, fruit drinks or coffee with slimming tea and don't sweeten it with sugar! By consistently drinking weight loss tea you will slim down to a leaner, more energetic, and healthier you.

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