The Weight Watchers Point List

The Weight Watchers Point List

Weight WatchersTM is an internationally known organisation that has helped an enormous number of people lose weight. The points formula devised by Weight Watchers is a key part of their weight loss program and the Weight Watchers point list is an important, indeed essential tool for this.

The Weight Watcher’s program is based on monitoring your weight and seeing how your food intake and your activity impacts on your progress towards weight loss.

When you join the Weight Watcher’s program you select a target weight that would be appropriate, i.e. achievable, and sufficient to bring your BMI (body mass index) into line with permitted healthy values.

The points list assigns a value to each food based on its calorie content, fat, and fiber. As a weight watchers member you are allocated a certain number of points each day, based on your height, current weight, age, and activity level.

In addition you are allowed an option of up to 35 more points per week, plus additional points earned through activity. These activity points are given for exercise and are calculated based on your weight and the duration and intensity of the exercise. Depending on your particular plan, activity points may be carried over to any day within the week.

The precise formula for the points value of a food is not publicly published and is available to members only. It is reckoned however that it approximates to: (Calories + (Fat x 4) – (Fiber x 10)) / 50, where fat and fiber are expressed in grams, and the final value rounded off to give a whole number.

As Weight Watchers member you will learn to recognize the point value of various foods and be able to take this into account when planning meals for the day. By pre-planning what you want to eat for the day, you are focusing on healthy choices, knowing that you cannot exceed the limit. This is much healthier than just picking up whatever takes your fancy in the supermarket, or grabbing something quick and easy at the last minute on your way home from work.

Weight Watchers doesn't restrict or insist on any particular foods. There is for the dieter, total freedom to choose the foods you like as long as you don't exceed the set points value. The points list helps dieters to choose the most nutritious comestible, as foods are rated on nutritional factors such as fiber, fat, calories per serving, and overall nutrition, and then given a point rating.

The Weight Watchers point list is given to every new member as a short pamphlet, but a more comprehensive points list is available once the basics of the system have been grasped.
It's not difficult for most to see the difference between a plate of chicken salad and a plate of doughnuts :-)

The Weight Watcher’s point list helps the dieter to learn how much of what kinds of nutriments to eat, and how to be aware of portion size. Many people find they are able to eat more on this diet than they would be with some others.

Many are pleased that they have freedom of choice within reason, and are not restricted to low carbohydrates which many just cannot manage, or low fat which many find leaves them feeling unfulfilled and wanting more. There is also flexibility in that some points can be saved and carried over, say towards the end of a week if you wanted to have a meal out with friends.

The Weight Watcher’s point list requires a little effort to put into practice, but it's fairly straightforward, and, like so many things, with practice becomes almost second nature.

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