The Weight Watchers Scales and How to Use Them

Weight Watchers Scales© Christopher Dodge

The weight watchers scales are an extremely useful and sophisticated device that not only weighs single amounts of foods but also gives you the point value of the food plus additional quantities of the same or different ingredients. This is an extremely useful feature that allows you to keep track of the total point value when you are cooking.

These kitchen scales have an inbuilt database to enable you to look up point value of foods, a finely tuned weighing platform for extreme accuracy, a simple, splash-proof keypad, and a sleek and stylish design.

Once switched on the unit is simple to operate. You can scroll through the food list, select a food, and instantly get the point value. In “Add and Weigh” mode it gives the current point value total for the recipe as you go along, adding ingredients.

You can also calculate the point value of any food if you have the nutritional values per 100gm. The scales act as a weighing device and calculator all in one. You can of course switch from weights in grams to weights in pounds and ounces if you wish.

Using the scales is straightforward enough. If you are weighing food in a bowl, then you will need to zero the weight of the bowl first, before adding food. To use the inbuilt points list you simply place your food on to the scales (remembering to zero first if using a bowl), and the screen displays the weight of the food..

Then, using the alphabetical keys, start entering the food’s name. The more letters you enter the more refined your search will be, for example “c” followed by “h” will bring up cheddar cheese, the first entry in the list that uses these letters.

You can then use the scrolling buttons to find your particular food, (e.g. If you press the scroll down button once it will bring you to Cheddar Cheese, half fat). The screen is now displaying the food and the weight. Now simply press the points button to find out the total points value of your food.

If you want to find the points value of a recipe on the scales, then use the “Add and Weigh” function. This will save the ingredients information in the scales memory so that you can find the total points value for the recipe.

Proceed by weighing the first food as you would when weighing a single food in the standard weighing mode. Then, once the name and the weight is displayed, press the “Add” button rather than the “Points” button.

The screen will display the words “Food Added”, confirming that the information is stored. Add the next food to the scales and repeat step 1. You can repeat this process with up to 20 ingredients, and then finally press the “Points” button to give the total points value.

To clear the “Add and Weigh” memory, just press and hold the “CE” button for three seconds. The scales will ask you to confirm that you want to clear the memory. Press the appropriate button and the scales will return to simple weighing mode.

The weight watchers scales will automatically switch off if left without using for three minutes. Information is stored though, in the memory, and is re-presented if you are in “Add and Weigh” mode once you switch back on.

Once you get used to using the Weight Watchers points scales you won’t want to be without them. They enable you to calculate points values of any foods with the minimum fuss, and are well worth the outlay.

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