EA Sports Wii Active

The Personal Trainer Helps You Get in Shape and Lose Weight

EA Sports Wii Active

Ea Sports Wii Active is an attempt by the world’s largest producer of sports games, Electronic Arts, to rival Nintendo’s own highly popular Wii Fit. It doesn't come with a Balance Board, but is much cheaper and very slick and comprehensive.

One of the biggest problems people face when trying to get into shape is staying motivated. It can be boring pounding away on an exercise machine in the gym. Exercising at home is preferable for many, but a video game to help you exercise needs to be interesting enough to keep your attention.

The EA personal trainer program achieves this with a load of innovative exercises and sports challenges that keep you coming back for more.

EA Sports Wii Active comes with a game disc, a Wii Nunchuk housing thigh band that tracks running, and a stretchy resistance band for lunging and weightlifting. These items together with a Wii remote, allow you to replicate just about any exercise that you can do in a gym or on a track.

When you begin you are asked to enter your age, weight and height, so that the Wii active sports game can attempt to tailor the workouts to your fitness level. Exercises are varied and numerous.

You can choose from dozens of activities divided into separate categories for cardio, lower body, upper body, and sports. Included are running on a track, squats, lunges, bicep curls, boxing with targets and a heavy bag, skating, aerobic dancing, shooting a basketball, and so on.

The main program in EA Sports Wii Active is the 30 day challenge, which sets out a workout schedule over a month for you that incorporates a variety of increasing challenges.

Each day you’re given a summary of the type of exercises that you will be doing, and you can select from low, medium or high intensity. You can select and delete any of the exercises you don’t want to do and you will be given an idea of the calories burned.

The primary thrust of the activities is aerobic. Most tend to focus more on speed and flexibility rather than strength. Much of the running is combined with high kicks.

Don’t expect a walkover with this program unless you are already in reasonable shape. The easy exercise routines will put you through a tough 20 minutes of running, stretching and lifting.

You can pick out and do individual exercises whenever you want, but the real value of this system lies in the methodical approach towards improving fitness gradually through a pre-planned program to suit individual needs.

This approach was apparently designed by a certain celebrity’s personal trainer. The game encourages you to set your own short and long-term goals, which are then tracked.

Goals are in three categories:

    1. Burn a certain number of calories in a set time
    2. Workout a particular number of hours
    3. Workout a certain number of times within a set timescale

EA Sports Active is less of a sports game than Nintendo’s own Wii Fit, and more for personal use than to be played with friends for fun. It is not so much a video game as a serious tool to help you get some exercise, get fitter and lose some weight.

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