The Incredible Wii Balance Board

Wii Balance Board

Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board has only been with us since July 2007 but it has had a huge impact on the Wii console, enabling it to be extended into areas of gaming, particularly sporting gaming, which required input from the feet or legs rather than just the hands.

This enabled realistic simulations of skiing, snow-boarding and skating for example to be developed. In addition, various types of exercises could be associated with the balance board like yoga and body posture exercises.

The balance board is a plain, smooth rectangular shape, made out of plastic, plain white on top with a light gray underneath. The board is powered by four AA batteries, and has Bluetooth plus multiple pressure sensors. Together these features enable the device to measure the user’s center of balance and weight (It can support a weight up to 136 kilograms or 300 pounds.)

The balance board should be used on a hard surface or thin carpet, as thicker or softer carpets may cause inaccuracies. A set of feet extensions is included that enable the board to be used on softer surfaces.

The development of the balance board was tightly bound up with that of the Wii Fit game, which is considered by many to be one of its best uses :-)

There have however been a large number of applications for the balance board produced over time. Some of these are listed below with a short resume of the game:

Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus

The first and most famous one. You start with five games. The time you spend in doing more exercises and playing more games allows you unlock others. It includes balance, aerobics and weight training.

Wii Ski and Snowboard

You can either ski or snowboard and have a choice of different courses and difficulty levels.


You have a choice of summer sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, and kite surfing in places like Australia and South Africa.

All Star Cheerleader

You learn the routine as a rookie and can progress to head cheerleader.

Dance Dance Revolution

You have training mode, story mode, lesson, or just dance mode.

EA Sports Active Personal Trainer

This is one of the most successful games for the Wii balance board. You can do sports like running, basketball, volleyball, skating, boxing, baseball, dance and many other games.

Don King Boxing

A boxing game where you enter the ring to fight great boxers in real places like Madison Square Gardens.

Daisy Fuentes Pilates

A game, not only if you’re interested in Pilates but if you just want to improve your posture and get some low key exercise. There are five pre-programmed routines and five customizable ones.

Skate City Heroes

A game of skating which takes in a futuristic city of skyscrapers. You have to race between trains, cars and other interventions.

Skate It

A most realistic skating game, where you can build your own skate park with ramps, railings, benches and so on. This is a good introduction to skateboarding.

Kororinpa Marble Sag

A complex game that includes about 100 levels for the Wii balance board. This is both fun and a challenge as you move through a maze to collect gems on your path of balance.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

You compete in the winter Olympics in single player or multi-player modes.

Walk It Out

Yet to be released outside Japan this game combines walking and music. The better you do the more beautiful is your world. The game tracks your progress and calories burned with tables and graphs.

This is just a glimpse of the incredible world opened up by the Wii Balance Board.

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