Wii Fit Plus Review

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus is an enhanced version of the Nintendo Wii Fit video game. Introduced in 2009, it incorporates all the features of the Wii fit plus some additions such as fifteen new balance and aerobic games (referred to as “Training Plus”), and six new strength and yoga activities.

Additional new features include a counter for calories burned, and the ability to create custom routines. Most activities are for the single player, but there are a number of multi-player activities that allow for up to eight players to take turns using one Balance Board.

Extra activities over the original Wii Fit include:

  • Yoga – Spine Extension, Gate, Grounded V
  • Strength Training – Balance Bridge, Single-Leg Reach, Side Lunge
  • Training Plus – Perfect 10, Island Cycling, Rhythm Kung-Fu, Driving Range, Segway Circuit, Bird’s-Eye, Bull’s –Eye, Snowball Fight, Obstacle Course, Tilt City, Rhythm Parade, Big Top Juggling, and Skateboard Arena

The launch of the Wii Fit Plus was part of a natural evolved process as people took to the original in a big way and were then looking for a greater variety of games and simulated sports and also more exercises geared to help them lose weight and get fitter. The market seemed to expand as adults as well as children got involved with the Wii Fit, recognizing its abilities for helping fitness along with game-playing.

In the Wii Fit Plus all the exercise categories from the original game are back, and this time there is no need to unlock them. The game’s visuals are pretty much the same. The balance board is much the same, and as before players begin by stepping on to this to test their sense of balance, and to be weighed.

Players then select their activity – yoga, muscle training, aerobics, tennis or balance games, and then they are on their way to working up a sweat.

The exercises are imaginative, intuitive, and well presented. As the exercises are also fun to do they distract you from the realisation that you are exercising, the time passes, and you have burned more calories than you would have thought possible.

The spectrum of exercises available is broad enough to give an increasing challenge and maintain your interest, which is essential if you are hoping to use the system in a serious attempt to get fitter or lose weight.

Perhaps the best new feature is My Wii Fit Plus which allows users to tailor their workouts around their own personal goals and daily schedule. It can be used to target problem areas of your body (stomach, balance, posture), and also helps users build routines around the time they have available.

Users may find the menus and charts associated with this feature take a little time to get to grips with, but it's worth it to get the maximum benefit.

Overall it's hard not to recommend the Wii Fit Plus:-)
It's a pleasing, friendly fitness game that is instantly accessible but which can also configure quite complex and challenging activities that keep the mind absorbed while the body exercises.

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