What’'s Your Favorite Wii Sports Game?

Wii Sports Game

The Nintendo Wii Sports game is a brilliant invention from the East that has conquered the world and appeals to all ages.

Most people have played some sport at some time in their life, even if it’s only been the odd game of football or netball played at school. Many people growing into adulthood maintain an interest in sport, some only a passive one and confined to watching it on television.

Others however will continue to be active, enjoying a relaxed game of tennis with friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon, or a round of golf taken at a leisurely pace. Everybody knows the value of the exercise that sport brings, but not everybody is prepared to put themselves out too much, perhaps because of lack of time, or a fear of having one’s poor abilities being shown up. Also, many sports are not so enjoyable during the cold winter months.

There is now a way of playing sport without stepping outside. It’s the Wii Sports system. If your favourite sport is tennis, golf, boxing or bowling for example, you can now play a simulated version on your home television screen by using the Nintendo Wii Sports console and balance board.

This employs a computer simulation of the game onscreen, coupled to motion sensors which are able to interpret the actions of the player as they make a stroke or punch an opponent and to translate them into a visual representation on screen which is surprisingly realistic apart from the players who avatars rather than any realistic human representation.

Your choice of sport to play is not only the most popular tennis, baseball, golf, boxing or bowling, but almost 100 others. You have some menu options, such as selecting your dominant hand, number of players, adding Wii remotes, and selecting the Mii (avatar) you will be using.

Tennis Let’s start with tennis. This can be played with 1 to 4 players and is straightforward as all you need to do is swing the remote. You need a remote for each player, and the scoring consists of points and games. The first team to score four points wins the game, and the winning team is the one to win the set number of games. You need to swing the remote as though it were a racket and bring into contact with the ball at the right moment.

This is not only a lot of fun, but will also get you out of breath and all sweaty! Talk about burning calories :-)

Baseball Baseball is a simplified version of the actual game where you control pitching and batting only. Fielding and base-running are carried out automatically by the computer. You start pitching and batting. Three strikes and you are out. If the difference between the players’ scores reaches more than 5 points the game is “called”.

When you are batting you should grip the remote controller in both hands as if it were a bat, and have the button facing you. You swing the remote at the right moment for it to make contact with the ball. You should always have the wrist safety strap attached when playing these games, otherwise you might have to watch the controler fly into your TV!

When pitching you swing the remote overhand as you would in real life. The speed of the ball will depend on how fast you pitch. Personally I've never been able to score well at this Wii sports game, but that's another story....

Bowling The bowling game is similar, allowing up to four people playing, sharing the remote. You'll find it pretty easy and with practice you should even be able to bowl curved shots. In real life, I'm a miserable bowler, but at the Wii sports, I'm Mrs. Strike ;-) Golf The golf game is a universal favourite as it enables you to get a realistic idea of what it’s like to swing a golf club. Getting the swing right is apparently 50% of the game, so they say.

When you hit a shot, the Power Meter will be displayed on screen. If your swing registers 50% on the Power Meter, the ball will fall at a point 50% of the way along the predicted trajectory displayed on the course map on the right of the screen. This might vary if the weather is windy or if you get caught in the rough.

Whatever is your favourite Wii Sports game the system will keep you entertained for hours and is fun for all the family. Not to mention all the burnt calories !

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