Wii Tennis – Have You Tried it?

Wii Tennis

One can’t pretend that a game of Wii tennis is a substitute for the real thing, but, it is hugely entertaining and addictive in its own right, and certainly deserves your consideration. If you have played a few video games you will know that most are controlled by a single, often multi-function controller with joysticks and buttons everywhere.

Unless you invest in extra kit like a steering wheel and foot pedals for your motor racing games you are confined to the use of the all in one controller. Nintendo, with their Wii tennis have come up with a way to allow the player to use the remote controller just like a real tennis racket.

This facility, provided by the clever incorporation of motion sensors into the system, adds a whole new level of realism to the game. As long as you stand well back from the TV or display screen, and have plenty of space, you can swing that virtual racket to your heart’s content :-)

You can practice all your favourite strokes, forehand, backhand, volley and lob and judge the timing of your stroke from your opponent’s play, whether playing against the system itself or another player. The motion sensors are remarkably sophisticated and will pick up a low shot or a full on power serve and simulate it realistically together with relative speed derived from the speed of your swing.

When setting up your Wii tennis proceed as follows: switch on your Wii console and insert the disc. Simply follow the on screen instructions, selecting the game type, number of players together with remotes, and selecting your “Mii” (on-screen character representation or avatar). You can select your dominant hand, and then you’re ready to play.

The scoring consists of points and games, just like in reality. The first team to score four points wins the game, and the winning team is the first to win the set number of games.

When playing you should attach the safety strap around your wrist first to prevent any accidents. I have seen quite a few remotes flying across the living room!

When serving you toss the ball by swinging the remote upwards and pressing the A button. Then you swing the remote downwards at the right moment in order to hit the ball. You watch the flight of the ball on-screen and move the remote appropriately, swinging it on the right for example to hit a ball approaching from the right, just as you would in the real game.

By hitting in different ways you can even hit lob and spin shots. With practice you will find that you can vary the direction of the ball when you hit it, by varying the timing of your shot. Early contact will move the ball towards one side whilst hitting it dead on sends it straight back.

The system will monitor your skill level and once you have accumulated 2000 points you become a “pro”. Many people have become intensely addicted to the Wii tennis game and developed their own style of play just like in the real game. One seasoned player recommends short swings with a lot of wrist action to get plenty of spin on shots. Another employs a fast serve, achieved by hitting the ball at the top of the arc, and bringing the racket (remote) down fast and with as much topspin curve as you can manage.

Another ploy when playing against the system rather than a human opponent, is to volley directly at the bot’s avatar in the back court. It seems as though it can’t make up its mind whether to hit a forehand or backhand return and often misses completely.

There are many such tricks and nuances which only come to light with practice, but suffice it to say that the Wii tennis game will keep you interested for a considerable period of time.

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